Costa Rica is known for its diversity of animals and breathtaking nature. 


As a volunteer in Costa Rica you have many opportunities to get socially involved. Here are our Top 3 Volunteer Programs:

The best time to travel is from November to April, it's when the baby turtles hatch and try to get back to the ocean.

Our Top 3  Volunteer Programs  in Costa Rica

You want to take care of wild animals and release them back to the nature where they belong?

Do you want to make a difference and rid the beautiful beaches of trash and plastic to preserve our environment?

You would like to help  baby sea turtles return  safely to the ocean and ensure their survival?


South Africa is clearly more than just the beautiful city of Cape Town  and Table Mountain.

The best times to travel are from March to May and from August to October.

Discover, with our over 120 volunteer projects, what else this country has to offer. Here are our Top 3 Volunteer Programs:

Our Top 3  Volunteer Programs  in South Africa

Go on a safari and experience a life-changing stay at a wildlife sanctuary in Sidbury.

Come face to face with one of the world's most notorious predators.

You would like to teach children, play with them and get creative together?


No wonder that Europe is often  taken as a travel destination.  Through the many different countries there is much to discover.

From the cold north of Iceland down to the warm, sunny south like Italy, Spain or Greece.

In Europe there are Volunteer Projects  for everyone. Here are our Top 3 Volunteer Programs:

Our Top 3  Volunteer Programs  in Europe

You want to discover a new underwater world and contribute to clean trash from the Atlantic Ocean?

Do you want to focus on environmental education, environmental activities, and sustainability?

You would like to support rescue activities and take care of street dogs? 


Ecuador is often underestimated.  But it's a country with a unique biodiversity, with active volcanoes, deep jungles and a unique culture. 

 The best time to travel is from May to December. From June to August the Galapagos Islands are highly recommended. 

There are many different Volunteer Projects in Ecuador.  Here are our Top 3 Volunteer Programs:

Our Top 3  Volunteer Programs  in Ecuador

You want to help and support sea turtles on the Galapagos Islands?

Do you want to surf, preserve nature and protect the endangered marine wildlife at the same time?

You would like to have an adventure in the Amazon rainforest and help animals like sloths or monkeys?


Tanzania has it all. The highest mountain in Africa: Kilimanjaro, the dream island Zanzibar and with the Serengeti National Park the highest lion population.

The best time to travel is from June to October, where you can observe the animals up close.

Discover Tanzania through one of our many Volunteer Programs.  Here are our Top 3 Volunteer Programs:

Our Top 3  Volunteer Programs  in Tanzania

You want to make a difference, participate in the healthcare system, help people and support local doctors?

Do you want to live and work as a volunteer teacher on a beautiful tropical island like Zanzibar?

You would like to provide  day-to-day care for children and support local families who need help?