Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica

Sloths are one of the most critically endangered species in Costa Rica

Support and rescue the slow, but by no means boring species through volunteering abroad.

After volunteer work you and fellow volunteers can explore the nature, sandy beaches and take surfing lessons. How awesome is that?!

But there are many more things to do in Costa Rica...

Join Costa Rica in setting an example in nature conservation. Making an impact whilst enjoying the “Pura Vida” - What more is there to ask for?

Medical volunteering in Costa Rica you will have a humbling and meaningful impact on yourself too.

If you aren’t shy to get your hands dirty this is a great chance to go abroad and do something meaningful for the environment!

Become a real life hero!

Dedicate some of your time to a child care project in Central America and be rewarded with their smiles, surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Discover Costa Rica in 2022

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