Volunteering in Europe

If you’re passionate about marine life, why not work for a marine conservation project to protect dolphins, whales, and the delicate marine eco-system.

Volunteer and help reorganize food waste by picking it up from hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets and help redistribute it to those in need. 

Why Europe?

Volunteering abroad in Europe is the most hands-on way to fight:

Each country has its own problems to overcome

– a rise in the cost of living – gender inequality – immigration and integration    issues – climate change – deterioration of the    environment

Did you know? In Europe volunteers are needed to give innocent animals the chance to live in a safe and peaceful environment.

Picturesque fishermen towns, perfect beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful nature make Croatia the perfect place to spend your summer and work for a good cause at the same time.

Enjoy the tapas, fiestas and learn Spanish too whilst you support a good cause with your helping hands! There are over 30 programs waiting for your help.

Who can volunteer in Europe

To participate in a volunteer project in Europe, you usually need to have basic English skills and be at least 18 years old, but some projects accept volunteers as young as 16.

Some require a criminal background check and health declaration before you can get involved.

Volunteers can take part in an environmental program to do ecological research for the conservation of the stunning landscapes and environment that Iceland has to offer.

Greece's shores are home to countless marine life like various dolphin species, whales and of course sea turtles. Protect the marine wildlife!