The 7 Safest Places to visit in


Peru is truly a sight to behold: Machu Picchu, colorful cultural treasures in the Sacred Valley, the Amazon rainforest, ...  Just use your street smarts and you’ll be fine.


According to the Global Peace Index, Bolivia scored 6th place. If you exercise common sense, you will have a trouble-free time in beautiful Bolivia!

Flamingos in Bolivia


You are pretty much free to roam and discover this megadiverse country. Especially the Galapagos Islands archipelago has nearly zero crime.



Often overshadowed by its neighbors Paraguay is one of the least visited countries in South America. Wrongly so! Just be aware of your surroundings and avoid any sketchy areas and you’ll be able to enjoy the heart of South America


Truly a place that has it all. Not only that, but Argentina is relatively safe, especially compared to its largest neighbor Brazil. Move your hips to the beats! What are you waiting for?


If you are looking for the safest places to visit in Latin America, Chile is number two. If reading this makes you thirsty already, Chile is also famous for its wine!


While going to the coast, watching whales, or wandering through Colonia del Sacramento is common, this is also your chance to explore the hills around Minas. This comes at a cost – Uruguay may be the most expensive country in South America.

1. Uruguay

2. Chile

3. Argentina

4. Paraguay

Explore the South-East

Discover the longest country

Latin America's Italy

The heart of Latin America

5. Ecuador

7. Peru

6. Bolivia

Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos

Explore Macchu Picchu

High Altitude!