Short- vs.

Short- vs.



When should I choose Short-Term VOlunteering?

You are working full-time or are on your semester break ✅

You want to discover several places while traveling ✅

You want to see immediate success while keeping your budget small ✅

WHat Are Cons of Short-Term Volunteering?

Limited interaction and immersion ❌

No buffer period or time for further traveling ❌

Sometimes stressful (jetlag is calling!) ❌

What makes a Short-Term project beneficial?

Don't travel too far to safe time

Be proactive, open, and friendly

Take your time to reflect on your surroundings

Why should I choose Long-Term VOlunteering?

plenty of time to get full and immersive insights (sabbatical is calling for you) ✅

The longer you stay on-site, the bigger the impact you have ✅

Working with children or in communites, you'll see the impact over time ✅

Your commitment doesn’t need to end with your stay. There are endless examples of volunteers still supporting the project from home after years.

Safe up! Although living costs might be cheaper than at home, keep in mind that you are not earning a fortune (if any) either.

Take some breaks from volunteering. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, nothing beats a fresh mind after a few days of relaxing on the beach.

What makes a Long-Term project beneficial?