Volunteering – Making it Mutual

You think that volunteering might be a good thing to do? You’re right – it is a good thing to do, most of all for you – the volunteer. Read about the benefits of volunteering and why volunteers need to be prepared!

The conflicts of sexism and gender

Sexism is a big problem all over the world. Following international women’s day in March, at Volunteers Peru they have been thinking about gender relations and how they affect women and girls in Peru. What does Sexism mean exactly and what can we do about it?

Things You Should Know When Volunteering With Children

Volunteering with children always have a great responsibility and that’s why volunteers should be qualified and informed about how to interact with children. Read the following tips and be prepared for your meaningful work with children.

Reflections on ethical volunteering

Ella talks about her social project ‘Volunteers Peru’ and explains her thoughts on ethical volunteering abroad and how ‘volunteering’ is very different from ‘voluntourism’. Read about her opinions, why even good intentions can lead to very one-sided benefits and how thoughtful planning can avoid this.