Top 10 Countries to Volunteer Abroad [Updated 2023]

Remember all those good New Year’s resolutions you had a couple of months ago? Was one of them doing something meaningful or helping your fellow human beings? Then volunteering abroad could be the solution! Here are the TOP 10 Destinations for Volunteering in 2023! Have a look and get those New Year’s resolutions going!

South Africa

Destinations South AfricaWhat makes South Africa particularly interesting for volunteering is the variety of areas you can volunteer in: Support a social project with wildlife and environmental protection or get involved in the conservation of marine life. South Africa is famous for its population of the ‘Big Five’, but it also attracts whales, meerkats and a penguin colony that loves the cold currents on the west coast. If you enjoy working with people more, you can teach children or work in medical care. At the same time you’ll get to discover this diverse country in your free time – it’s not without reason that South Africa is called the “Rainbow Nation”.


Destinations ThailandIf you have always been attracted to the idea of volunteering in Asia, we suggest you to have a closer look at Thailand. With its lush jungles, famed beaches, and amazing food, Thailand attracts volunteers from all walks of life. Not only can you help the communities as, for example, a rice farming assistant, but you can also distribute your helpful manner and a big smile in the work with children or animals, for example Elephants, every day of your experience. And be sure, in this country there will always be a reason to smile!

Costa Rica

Destinations Costa RicaRemember that time when your biggest wish was to become a veterinarian? Being a volunteer in Costa Rica can get you closer to realising this dream than you have ever imagined. Helping and working with sea turtles is among the most common destinations for volunteers, but if you’d rather be on than off shore, there are plenty of other programs that are looking for the veterinarian and animal lover in you as well. However, this doesn’t mean that this wonderful country with its rich cultural and natural diversity neglects volunteers that want to offer their support to the people and communities. You can be teaching in elementary schools or helping in medical centers.


Destinations NepalNepal is a land of snow peaks and Sherpas, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras. And in between all these natural monuments and beauties such as the Himalayan mountain range and the southern wild and adventurous national parks there are lots of programs where you can be an active and supporting volunteer. You can take care of children, either teaching or as a medical assistant or help building outdoor activity camps and community buildings. This amazing country even offers you a spiritual volunteering experience, as you can teach Buddhist monks in a monastery!


Destinations PeruOffering a combination of impressive ancient buildings and traditions, and a distinct wildlife around the Amazon as well as giant sand dunes, Peru is our number one destination to volunteer in 2018. As a volunteer you can choose between a variety of tasks, starting at the improvement of a community’s infrastructure, enhancing learning environments and teaching English up to taking care of children, helping to protect the environment and supporting animal rescue programs. The diversity of volunteering options matches the diversity of this exciting country, a place where everybody will be warmly welcomed!


Destinations GhanaLabelled as ‘the Africa for Beginners’, Ghana is one of the must-have-seen volunteering destinations in 2022. Not only is it attractive in terms of nature and wildlife, but also it is one of the few African countries reaping the benefits of a stable democracy. Hence, Ghana is suffused with the most incredible energy! When it comes to doing something meaningful, this country sets almost no limitations: As a student of that certain area you can work at midwifery schools or at dental labs, or you can just spread your cheerfulness at schools, farms or environmental protection centres.


Destinations BrazilBrazil is the largest country on the South American continent and thus offers multiple and variable areas that need your help. Brazil has, on the one hand, the second highest rate of deforestation, and, on the other hand, a huge flora and fauna, and because of that volunteering in environmental protection programs is a great opportunity to do this ‘something meaningful’. As a volunteer in Brazil, you could be helping to reforest the lands, or working in animal rescue centers and veterinary medicine as well as the animal’s natural habitat. More interested in volunteering in community development? Become an active part of the improvement of a community’s infrastructure as well as of the creation of  secure and productive learning environments.


Destinations KenyaKenya is one of Africa’s most stunning locations. It’s home to rare species and internationally significant habitats where wildlife roam freely. Unfortunately, many of the rare animals, such as lions or rhinos, are suffering from habitat loss and have significantly decreased in numbers. As a volunteer in Kenya you can support a social project dedicated to their protection. Would you like to work more closely with the people? Kenya has around 70 different tribes. This means that the rich diversity of cultures makes every community in Kenya very unique in its own way. When volunteering in Kenya, working in the fields of community development, education or technology is the perfect way to get to know them.


Destinations IndiaIf you decide to join an Indian volunteer project in 2022 to support local communities, you will be surprised by how much the country has to offer. It is home to diverse cultures, many many languages, and unique landmarks. Even though India has made great progress in the past, there are still many environmental issues that the country has to face. Volunteering to protect the environment and empower women are great ways to help and explore the country. You can also support a local community and improve various aspects of the people’s every day life.


Destinations UgandaThe Ugandans are known to be among the happiest and most welcoming people worldwide, making Uganda a great place to volunteer. And there are a lot of opportunities to do so. Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorilla, with many social projects dedicated to protecting their population. You also have many opportunities to help to improve the conditions in the health sector or work with a local community, to preserve the cultural richness in various areas. Meanwhile you can explore Uganda – from the mountains to forests and the beaches along Lake Victoria.

With these 10 smashing arguments there are no more excuses not to get your good intentions going and to start your volunteering experience in one of these stunning and exciting destinations. Have a look at our platform and find your perfect match for the meaningful adventure of your lifetime!

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