Best Places to Volunteer in April [2024]


In April, spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, and temperatures are getting warmer. Small animals that hibernate are slowly waking up and people have successfully fought off the last remnants of their winter blues. With…

Volunteer in Asia - blogpost header with a sunset background behind some temples

Volunteer in Asia: Our Top 6 Destinations


From ancient temples to vibrant markets, being a Volunteer in Asia offers a wide range of opportunities that combine adventure with meaningful experiences. In this article, we present our ranking of the most popular destinations…

lenas volunteer experience teaching in nepal

Lena’s Nepal Teaching Experience


We are happy to share some first-hand insights from volunteers on the field! Today, it’s Lena from Germany – staying for a month in Nepal’s beautiful capital city Kathmandu supporting a public school. So we…

Sonja’s Volunteer Experience in Nepal


Back in January 2016, our former volunteer, Sonja, embarked on an unforgettable adventure in Nepal. Her meaningful trip left such a positive impact on her, so she decided to commemorate her experience as a volunteer…

Volunteer In Nepal | The Ultimate Guide


Looking for a unique experience in one of the diverse countries in Asia? Volunteer in Nepal will be the perfect choice. Stunning mountains, multicultural cuisine and a rich buddhistic culture are just a few aspects…

Alliance Nepal – Working Towards a Better Future


After the disastrous earthquake in Mai 2015, Krishna Timilsina from Alliance Nepal speaks about the efforts of locals and volunteers, to get Nepal back up. Though it is going to be a long way, there are many countries, NGO’s and local or foreign volunteers willing to help. An example how something terrible becomes collectively opposed by amazing people.

Sustainable Projects With the Nepal Friendship Society


We have a lot of challenges in the community and our main goal is to increase the awareness of the population about environmental conservation by stressing the importance of active participation. We believe education is a powerful tool to change the world.

The Nepal Friendship Society makes a difference


The organization Nepal Friendship Society (NFS) offers a variety of voluntary work programs in the central region of Nepal. ย Volunteer World is interviewing Birendra Poudel, President of NFS, a social volunteer organization in Nepal that…