Best Places to Volunteer in April [2024]

In April, spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, and temperatures are getting warmer. Small animals that hibernate are slowly waking up and people have successfully fought off the last remnants of their winter blues.

With days getting longer, there is more time for you to get active! What do you think of a spring gateway? Make it even more unforgettable by combining your trip abroad with volunteer work!

As a volunteer abroad, you do not only get to immerse yourself in a foreign country and its rich culture, but you will also get to change the life of its local community or wildlife for the better. Spring into the season right and get inspired by our list of best places to volunteer in April 2024!

Indonesia – Volunteer in an Amazing Archipelago 🇮🇩

orangutan volunteer in april

Indonesia consists of over 17.000 unique islands that are scattered across South East Asia and Oceania. If we were to list the reasons for visiting this incredible archipelago, we would easily come up with many reasons! Miracles of nature, exotic wildlife, diverse culture, friendly locals, mouthwatering cuisine… the list is endless! With so much to offer, you certainly won’t run out of activities to do, sights to see, and programs to volunteer in!

Wildlife Conservation Projects

If you’re a nature and wildlife lover, Indonesia is the ideal destination for you! Due to the limited movement of flora and fauna between islands, Indonesia is home to a wide array of unique and rare species. They include the Komodo dragon, Borneo elephant, or Sumatran orangutan. Unfortunately, most of the species are endangered because of habitat loss.

Become a volunteer abroad and support locals protect unique wildlife! Your duties include taking care of injured animals and reintroducing them into their natural habitat once they’re ready. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with the rarest animals on the planet!

Reef Conservation Programs

Indonesia is known for its idyllic beaches, beautiful diving spots, and magical marine life. Yet, the coral reefs are currently in poor condition due to plastic pollution, global warming, and overfishing.

Volunteer in our reef conservation program in Bali or Gili Islands and raise awareness for marine conservation, take part in beach clean-up, or plant artificial reefs. Your contribution will definitely have a positive impact on the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants!

Sustainability Programs

Would you rather want to get your hands dirty? Then volunteer in our sustainable agriculture projects in Indonesia! Support locals with their daily chores and learn more about ecological farming. This is an amazing opportunity to take in the fresh air and the lush scenery while giving back to the environment.

Ghana – Explore the Gem of West Africa 🇬🇭

volunteer in ghana in april

Did you know that Ghana is the 2nd biggest gold producer in Africa? Gold has been mined in Ghana for over 1000 years and the estimated value in Ghana’s Ashanti Belt is around $200 million. Volunteer abroad in the West African Gem and gain memories that are as valuable as its gold!

Medical Volunteer Programs

April 7th is Global Health Day. But let’s be real: it should be an everyday type of thing, right? Since the National Health Insurance Act was introduced in 2003, access to healthcare in Ghana has improved tremendously. Yet, there are many underserved communities in rural regions that suffer from inadequate medical care.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer volunteering in an established hospital in a city or in a rural health clinic, treating patients will be incredibly rewarding. Don’t worry about your level of medical experience, our diverse medical projects will cater to your needs!

Childcare Volunteer Programs

In Ghana, many daycare centers are understaffed and overcrowded. Work alongside caregivers and provide the extra care, attention, and love to children that they deserve. Also, you will gain practical childcare experience while improving the lives of young children!

Teaching Programs

Same adorable kids, different setting. Eager students will welcome you into their classroom and are ready to learn from you! Work with children and teach English, sports, or even your culture! As a volunteer abroad, you will contribute to the children’s education which introduces them to better job opportunities in the future.

Namaste! Volunteer in Nepal🇳🇵

nepal volunteer programs in april

Nepal is often overlooked by many travelers. But it is as exciting as its neighbors India and China! Here’s why. Located in the Himalayas, Nepal offers impressive landscapes and marvelous wildlife. Additionally, it is known as a cultural hub since over 35 ethnicities can be found here. So traveling to Nepal can be an enlightening experience because you’ll get to learn so many unique customs. To make your travel even more meaningful, you can join one of our volunteer projects during your adventure abroad!

Outdoor Camp Volunteering

For mountain-lovers, Nepal is the perfect place. Home to some of the highest mountains on Earth, the country offers fantastic hiking routes. Many people across the world travel to Nepal to tackle the multiple-day trek to Everest Base Camp. At the end of the journey, at an altitude of over 5,300 meters, you’ll be rewarded with epic mountain views!

Just as rewarding as your hike is giving back to the community! Join our outdoor camp program that combines meaningful volunteer work with trekking. After your hiking adventure, you will have the opportunity to help out on an organic farm, join construction projects, or work in an animal shelter. Are you ready for this arduous (but rewarding) challenge?

Childcare Volunteer Programs

If you’re not that into outdoor activities, then volunteer in a daycare center instead! Adorable children of all ages are waiting for you to spend some quality time with them. Whether in bustling Kathmandu or rural areas, support local caregivers and gain invaluable childcare experience!

Teaching Programs in a Monastery

Are you an aspiring teacher and want to learn more about life as a Buddhist monk? Our teaching projects got you covered! Many young Nepalese men dedicate their lives to become an insightful monk. Not only do they learn the Buddhist religion during their training, but they are taught English as well.

As a volunteer abroad, you will teach English in a monastery while emerging yourself in the Buddhist culture. With your help, monks will have the necessary English skills to translate religious texts and communicate the teachings of Buddhism to all.

Kenya – the Country of Language 🇰🇪

massai outreach in april

Located in East Africa, Kenya offers one of the best safari destinations in Africa. That’s the main reason why millions of globe trotters visit this country each year. Besides captivating African wildlife, Kenya captivates you with dazzling landscape and 40 unique ethnic groups. Besides, Kenya is also known as the country of language since over 60 different languages are spoken in this country!

Yet, there is one thing that transcends every language in the world: kindness. Give back to the local community while volunteering in Kenya! That way you will make your travel even more meaningful.

Community Volunteer Programs

Our community projects in Kenya are as diverse as its tribes! Build schools in rural areas, provide education in Nairobi, or join a women empowerment program in rescue centers. You will not only help locals build a better future for themselves, but also for their families and for the generations to come.

Elephant Conservation Programs

There are many things that Kenya can be proud of. One of those being the home to the African elephant! The big mammal has a huge impact on Kenya’s diverse ecosystem since it helps in seed dispersal. Once they have eaten plants, fruits, and seeds, they travel for a long distance. Therefore, they discharge at different places. Their excrement contains seeds that will develop once it has rained. Isn’t it a surprising fact to know?

Due to the decline in the elephant population, local conservationists need your support! Volunteer in an elephant conservation program and protect these wondrous creatures!

Wildlife Conservation Programs

Besides the iconic elephant, Kenya offers a wide range of outstanding wildlife. The most famous is the Big 5 that consists of the lion, rhinoceros, elephant, leopard, and buffalo. Unfortunately, because of illegal poaching and habitat loss, most of these species are now endangered.

Help out in one of our African wildlife conservation programs! Your duties include conducting research, educating the local community about the endangered wildlife, and monitoring different animals. Become a volunteer abroad and work with spectacular animals in a stunning landscape!

Volunteer Abroad in Spain –  ¿Estás listo? 🇪🇸

whale watching tenerife in april

Jaw-dropping landscapes, enchanting islands, or delicious tapas and wine – introducing Spain. Besides, it offers interesting history as well. Did you know that that Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and Catholic Monarchs took their part in shaping it into the country it is today? Experience the Mediterranean paradise and make your travel even more meaningful by giving back to the community!

Whale & Dolphin Conservation

When in Spain, you cannot miss out on Tenerife. The largest Canary Island is also known as the Island of Eternal Spring due to its warm temperature all year round! Moreover, it offers one of the best places in the world to observe wild whales and dolphins. Although it might not be the best time of the year, dolphin sightings are almost guaranteed when volunteering in April. Sadly, the population of various whale and dolphin species has been declining. The reasons for it include habitat degradation, hunting, and by-catch.

Volunteer with marine life experts who need your support! This will be the best way to work up-close with these friendly creatures!

Horse Conservation Programs

Volunteers, who are horse lovers, are in for a treat! Spain’s idyllic countryside offers many horse sanctuary projects that need your support. Work up-close with these incredible animals, clean their stables, and shower them with love. Regardless of your level of experience with horses, our horse conservation programs will cater to your needs!

Childcare Volunteer Programs

Even though Spain is a developed country, there is still room for improvement in some areas. For example, children in poor communities still aren’t receiving the care and support they deserve. That’s why locals need your help!

Volunteer in a daycare center and help locals care for adorable children! Your volunteer tasks include playing games with children, preparing nutritious meals, or helping older kids with their homework. After a rewarding day, join a Spanish course and pick up some useful vocabulary!

Pretty, Prettier, Portugal! 🇵🇹

The last country on our list is Portugal! It is often overlooked by other European travel destinations such as France or Italy. But not by us! Drenched in captivating coastlines, royal castles, and exquisite wine, this country should definitely be on your bucket list. Besides, it offers a range of volunteer opportunities which will make your travel even more significant.

Whether you prefer to volunteer in rural areas or buzzing cities like Porto or Lisbon, Portugal offers you a variety of volunteer opportunities that are just as diverse as the country itself.

Community Volunteer Programs

Even though Portugal is a well-developed country, support is always needed! Become a volunteer and join a construction program! Not only will you contribute to the country’s gorgeous architecture, but you will get to see the castles yourself!

Do you have rather two green thumbs? Then our agriculture programs will be an impeccable fit for you! As a volunteer abroad, you will gain hands-on experience and help local farmers plant, weed, harvest, and water their crops. There’s plenty to learn about the different practices of organic farming!

Another way to contribute to the local community is to fight food waste! Help avoid food waste by redistributing the food from restaurants to the underprivileged who need it.

Wildlife Conservation Programs

If you’re a nature lover, then our wildlife conservation projects will be the right match for you. Do you want to work close to the ocean? Then put on your diving gear and join a marine conservation program. As a volunteer abroad, you will keep the Atlantic Ocean clean from trash or educate the community about the importance of environmental conservation.

For volunteers, who do not like to get wet, we also offer wolf conservation programs! Help conserve their natural habitat and prevent wolves from becoming extinct. Yet, unlike the lone creatures, you will definitely meet fellow volunteers with whom you form a long-lasting friendship!


That was our list of best places to volunteer in April 2024! Where would you like to volunteer? Share your favorite volunteer destination in the comments below! If you need help starting your meaningful travel, do not hesitate to contact us in our live chat!


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