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The organization Nepal Friendship Society (NFS) offers a variety of voluntary work programs in the central region of Nepal. Β Volunteer World is interviewing Birendra Poudel, President of NFS, a social volunteer organization in Nepal that helps rural communities by providing volunteers to different social projects.

Volunteers can make a once in a lifetime experience in Nepal. They can discover the beauty of the Nepalese culture, travel around, discover the country and come up with own ideas to empower those in need. If you want to make a difference while growing as a person, this might interest you.

Hi Birendra, what is you main goal of your social volunteer organization in Nepal?

The Nepal Friendship Society (NFS) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), whose mission is to support and empower poor people in rural areas of Chitawan by setting up social volunteer projects in Nepal. We are experienced with foreign volunteers and are able to set up customized programs for volunteers from abroad.

We ensure that volunteers have a safe and rewarding stay. The cross-cultural experience for locals and foreigners is another important point for the projects.

What are you projects about?

Currently we are focus on two social volunteer projects in Nepal. At one project we cooperate with a school in the rural region of Chitawan. At the same time we are cooperating with a community center. We have many programs of voluntary work.

We are searching for motivated volunteer teachers, especially English teacher as well as social worker.

What is the voluntary work about at Nepal Friendship Society?

It is mainly about teaching and sharing knowledge. In the rural school volunteers teach in different subjects as math, sciences or English. In the community center they focus on improving the life of the community.

A voluntary program in Nepal at the community center contains workshops and lesson to develop the skills of the kids, awareness activities and environmental education. It is really welcomed if volunteers put their own ideas into the project. Volunteers should share their knowledge and culture with the community.

What can a volunteer do in his free time?

Primarily our volunteers should use the opportunity to discover the Nepalese culture and habits. The region Chitawan is a natural reserve. We can organize a jungle tour, where the volunteer can see wild leopards, tigers, rhinos, bears, crocodiles and deers. Furthermore there is the possibility to travel to other spots in Nepal.

How do you help and support the volunteers at NFS?

We are a well-established and experienced organization for foreign volunteers in Nepal. We help volunteers not only for starting working at the project, but as well to customize their volunteer program. We provide all required information concerning the volunteer project in Nepal. We also offer different services as a shuttle from the airport, food and accommodation. As mentioned we also organize some free time activities.

Until the end of this year we have a special offer and do not charge program fees

Which cost should a volunteer expect?

Generally the living costs in Nepal are very low. Until the end of this year we have a special offer and do not charge program fees. From 2014 onwards we charge a program fee of 50 USD per month for supporting our organization and the related volunteer projects in Nepal. Therefore, the volunteer can expect a good organization of a homestay, shuttle service and the introduction to the project and further support.

The homestay including food costs of 7 USD per day and goes directly to the family. That way volunteers support the local community and can experience the Nepalese family life. The airport pick-up costs 20 USD.

What are the plans of NFS for the future?

It is planned to build a community learning center for orphans, poor and community people. Not everybody can effort the tuition fees for the school here. We want to set up a scholarship program for kids from poor family, so they can receive an education. Our focus will be on enhancing the situation for the needy and to create better opportunities for these kids and to reinforce the community. We are looking forward to combine the school project with further Nepalese volunteer programs.

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