How to Volunteer During Covid-19

How to Volunteer During Covid
Don't let Covid-19 dampen your volunteer enthusiasm. Check out our tips to make a difference despite the safety precautions.

If Covid-19 is leaving you feeling helpless and wondering how you can possibly make an impact now, we’ve got good news. You can support volunteer organizations without having to leave your house. Curious about how to volunteer during Covid-19 and itching to get started? We won’t keep you in suspense much longer. Let’s get right to it: 

1. Book Now, Travel Later

Book Ahead Volunteer Later

We all know that the most drastic measures to prevent Covid-19 won’t last forever. Slowly, life will return to a “new normal” and with the necessary precautions, more and more people will be able to start traveling responsibly.

Volunteer organizations are struggling to keep up on their activities because of travel restrictions. Without international volunteers, it’s extremely challenging. A lot of the work has been paused while the environment and local communities continue to face the same issues.

By booking a volunteer program now and traveling later, you’re showing the volunteer organization that you support their cause. Knowing they can count on your help at some point will allow them to plan better and know they can count on the support they need.

Why start planning when I don’t know when I can travel? 

This is where Volunteer World comes in handy. Volunteer World has a Flex Option on each volunteer program on the platform. This means that whatever program you book, you can reschedule at any time. You’re completely flexible because there’s no time limit.

Another perk of the Flex option is if you would change your mind about your volunteer program, you can switch to any other volunteer opportunity on the Volunteer World platform. With over 1500 volunteer programs, we know this won’t be a problem. This blogpost gives you excellent tips to prepare for your next volunteer adventure while you’re in quarantine.

2. Help Spread Awareness

Support Volunteering through Social Media

If booking ahead for months just doesn’t sit right with you, no worries! You can still do your part. How? You may ask. A great way to contribute to volunteering is by spreading awareness through social media.

You may already be spending more time than you’d like to admit scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Why not put this time to good use by sharing information about volunteering? If you’re wondering what to share, here are some suggestions:

Write a Blog Post about Volunteering

If you’ve ever volunteered before, you can write a blog post about it. We’re always keen on reading volunteer travel stories and happily share them on our social media channels and blog. If you haven’t volunteered yet, you can even write about a conservation project you’re fond of.

Re-share Volunteer Content on Social Media

If you’re not big on writing, there’s no reason to panic. Volunteer World posts lots of content about volunteering on a daily basis. We share interesting volunteer opportunities that inspire volunteers all over the world. Give the volunteer opportunities you like a boost by re-posting or re-sharing articles, posts, or stories. 

The more people know about volunteering, the greater the impact. Volunteer organizations are waiting for helping hands to work toward the cause. Your social media shares can inspire others to be those helping hands.

3. How to Volunteer during Covid-19 for your Community

Volunteering doesn’t need to be exotic to be meaningful. As a volunteer abroad platform, we love the added benefit of international travel and cultural interchange, but helping your own community is just as important.

There are plenty of local initiatives within the local community to help the elderly and support the homeless. Whether it’s buying groceries for your elderly neighbors, distributing meals to the homeless community, or making masks, every action counts.

Here are some volunteer ideas to make a difference in your community during Covid-19. 

Help Elderly people with chores

Being the demographic facing the greatest risk, senior citizens have become even more isolated than usual during the pandemic. Although large cities have great delivery services, this isn’t always the case once you’re outside of the city. Offering older people in your neighborhood to do groceries can be a godsend for them.

Whether you ask around or sign up for one of the delivery organizations, this is a wonderful way to truly help those most vulnerable in your community.

Donate Blood

Blood donations can save lives, especially if you have a rare blood type. The social distancing guidelines have decreased the number of people donating blood which can cause serious shortages in the future. If you’re healthy, continue to donate blood so hospitals have the necessary supply. Your blood donation can save lives.

Foster an Animal

Foster an Animal
Credit: Burke

Animal lovers who want to volunteer with animals don’t need to bury their dreams. Why not foster an animal? With shelters closed, an even better idea is to foster an animal at home. Both the dog, cat, and the foster parent gets the attention they need. Fostering is temporary and can last a few weeks up to a couple of months. The aim of fostering is to find the dog or cat a new home.

Food Banks & Homeless Shelter

With more and more people losing their jobs due to the Covid-19 crisis, meals are offered to those that need it. Check out food banks in your area to see if they need any help. Sometimes there are enough volunteers but what they really need are funds. Did you know that $ 1 can provide 5 meals? Sometimes a little can go a very long way.

As the number of homeless people increases, so does the demand for volunteers. Homeless people are very vulnerable because they don’t have the means to follow the social distancing guidelines. Volunteer in a homeless shelter and help give these people safe.

4. How to Volunteer During Covid-19 Virtually

Volunteer Virtually

If you want to avoid putting yourself and others at risk at all costs, you can choose to volunteer virtually! We’re all getting more familiar with working remotely so this trend is also spilling over into the volunteering landscape. Here are a couple of ideas for virtual volunteering. We’re only scraping the surface here. The opportunities are endless!

Join a Crisis Hotline

Isolation and fear can be a recipe for disaster for those already struggling while many of us find it difficult to cope with the new situation. 

Join a crisis hotline and be a reassuring voice to those who need it. This is a great way to be socially engaged while you’re at home. Hotlines can save lives and shine a bit of light when things seem especially dark. 7Cups is an online platform where volunteers can be a support for those needing to be heard. 

Teach Online

Many volunteers volunteer abroad to teach. We’re all becoming more familiar with online learning and teaching so why not volunteer to teach or tutor virtually? Help students all around the world reach their educational goals.

Donate to Relief Funds

Countless organizations out there that are doing admirable work to support the community during these difficult times. To do what they do, what they often need most is funds. This is why donating to a cause that’s close to your heart makes a difference. 

Become an Elderly Buddy

It’s no secret that older people can become very lonely facing Covid-19 and could really use a friend. Why not check in virtually on your elderly friend to make sure they know you care. This can become a long-term friendship that often proves to be mutually beneficial.

There are different organizations that pair up volunteers with grandparents according to mutual interests. Who doesn’t want a mature friend with a lifetime of experience?

This is a general guide to how to volunteer during Covid-19. We’ve listed different ways you can support volunteering despite the Covid-19 safety precautions. We hope it has given you some inspiration as to how you can continue to make a difference in these challenging times.

We love hearing from our readers. Please let us know which idea you like the best and what you think you may be doing in the near future. Let us know in the comments below!

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