costa rica4 min Volunteer in Nicaragua | The Ultimate Guide

Volunteer in Nicaragua | The Ultimate Guide


You’d like to combine meaningful work with an adventurous trip? Take the chance to support the on-going development as a volunteer in Nicaragua and explore its breath-taking diversity. You won’t regret it. With its old-fashion…

Love and Money min min Love is bigger than Money

Love is bigger than Money


Robyn Dahlquist shares the story how her boyfriend’s cousin could receive medical support through the solidarity of friends and family. She portraits the bleak reality of sickness and medical provision in Nicaragua but also elaborates, how love and strong ties can overcome it.

3 min Everyday Problems of a Volunteer

Everyday Problems of a Volunteer


As a volunteer in Leon, Nicaragua, Robyn shares the ups and downs of her daily life. Braving sickness and doubts, she paints a very clear picture of the hardships, but also the great aspects of volunteering in a foreign land.

sonflora2 min Helping Children in Nicaragua

Helping Children in Nicaragua


Mareili Amrein worked as a social worker in different fields in Switzerland. While she was taking a time-out from everyday life in Switzerland, she only wanted to make some holidays in Nicaragua (Central America) and to improve her Spanish. She was relaxing and taking some Spanish classes at the touristic spot Las Peñitas on the Nicaraguan Pacific coast, when she ran into the everyday problems and hard circumstances of the kids of the surrounding villages. She began taking care about two boys by preparing lunch for them and play some games. More and more kids from the surrounding villages joined the group. The project was born.