Best Places to Volunteer in November [2023]

Have you ever considered traveling abroad in November? You should! Weather-wise, it’s the ideal time. In most countries, the rainy season will end this month and in the Southern Hemisphere, spring has already sprung. This means the weather gets hotter and hotter!

Make your adventure abroad even more meaningful by volunteering! As a volunteer abroad, you will not only get to immerse yourself in a foreign country and its rich culture, but you will also get to change the life of its local community or wildlife for the better.

So, don’t get your sweater and winter coat from the closet yet! Instead, put your summer attire into your suitcase! Scroll down to learn about the 5 best places to volunteer in November!

🇨🇷 Costa Rica – Volunteer in the Happiest Place on Earth!

costa rica best place to volunteer in november to see sloth

Starting our list off with a bang: Costa Rica. Home to stunning sceneries, rare flora and fauna, and pristine beaches, this country is justifiably on many globetrotters’ bucket lists. Additionally, ticos and ticas live their lives to the fullest according to their “pura vida” lifestyle (=”pure life”). So, it’s not surprising that Costa Ricans are considered the happiest people in the world.

Volunteer abroad in Costa Rica and experience the laid-back lifestyle yourself. With your contribution, the locals’ level of happiness will surely increase even more!

Sea Turtle Conservation Programs

Every year, female turtles return to the specific beach where they hatched to lay their eggs. After depositing her golf-ball-sized eggs and covering her nest, the female turtle goes back to the ocean. Sadly, this is where the danger starts for these embryonic turtles. During the hatching process, predators (including humans) might dig up the nests to feast on the eggs. Those turtles, that do make it to the ocean, might face habitat destruction and accidental capture. As a result, most of the turtle species are endangered.

Become a volunteer abroad and help locals protect the majestic sea turtles! Not only will you observe the incredible nesting and hatching cycle, but you will also help guide baby turtles to the ocean or take care of injured ones.

Sloth Conservation Projects

Did you know that sloths are great swimmers? Even though sloths spend most of their life hanging out in trees, they move three times faster in water than they do on land. Plus, they can hold their breath for about 40 minutes! Isn’t this crazy?

Volunteer abroad in a local sloth sanctuary and learn more about these easy-going creatures!

Women Empowerment Programs

Over the past years, the traditional gender roles of men and women have shifted. Nowadays, more and more women have gotten their education, become hard workers outside of their homes, or taken leadership roles. Despite this improvement, there is still a gender gap in rural areas.

Join a women empowerment program! As a volunteer, you will provide low-income and vulnerable women the necessary skills to overcome their difficult situations.

🇿🇦 South Africa – Volunteer in the Rainbow Nation

volunteer in south africa in november

Let’s have a look at the Southern Hemisphere. Here, spring slowly but surely transitions to summer. Due to its favorable climate, South Africa is a year-round destination. However, November is still an ideal time to visit since the weather is warm (but not too hot) and the sights are still void of the summer crowd.

Volunteer abroad and explore South Africa’s magnificent wildlife, rich history, and superb vineyards after finishing your meaningful volunteer duties.

Baboon Conservation Programs

Baboons are one of the world’s largest monkeys. They can reach 85cm in height and their tail can add another 50cm. Furthermore, you can easily recognize baboons because of their long faces, hair sprouting on both sides of their faces, and their hairless, red butt. Even though baboons can grow up to 40 years old, most of them do not reach this age because of human interventions. Sadly, humans tend to kill baboons or destroy their habitat for agricultural expansion or other purposes.

Volunteer in a local baboon sanctuary and protect the largest monkeys on Earth! As a volunteer, you will take care of orphaned baboons, maintain their enclosure, and raise awareness for baboon conservation.

Big 5 Conservation Programs

The Big 5 refers to the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and African buffalo. They earned that name because it used to be difficult to hunt them on foot. However, nowadays, this term indicates the wildlife’s popularity in sighting and encounters during safaris!

Unfortunately, most of the species are still endangered. Volunteer abroad in South Africa and protect these magical creatures! Seeing the Big 5 will definitely leave you in awe!

Wildlife Conservation Projects

Besides the Big 5, there are also plenty of other wonderful wildlife in South Africa that need your help! Volunteer in animal sanctuaries and work with giraffes, wildcats, and antelopes. If you’re into marine life, join a conservations program dedicated to great white sharks, whales, and penguins.

🇧🇿 Belize – the Jewel in the Heart of the Caribbean Basin

belize diving volunteers in november

Become a volunteer in beautiful Belize and explore this adventurous country in Central America! Despite its small size, Belize has a lot to offer: world-class snorkeling spots, mysterious Mayan ruins, mouthwatering food, and of course adrenaline-inducing volunteer programs!

Take advantage of Belize’s low population density and join a volunteer program before the country becomes a popular travel destination! This way, you definitely won’t encounter any large crowds during your meaningful travel. We have also gathered some of the best things to do in Belize for you.

Marine Conservation Programs

Blue, bluer, Belize! Home to the clear, turquoise Caribbean Sea, Belize is a fantastic place for diving. To preserve the ocean and its countless inhabitants, volunteers are needed!

Join our marine or marine life conservation program and protect the marine ecosystem from over-fishing and pollution! While doing so, you will encounter countless fish, whale sharks, and manatees up-close! Are you ready to dive into your meaningful travel abroad?

Coral Reef Conservation Programs

Do you know where the second-largest barrier reef in the world is located? Correct, it can be found in Belize! The Belize Barrier Reef is a paradise for scuba divers. This remarkable ecosystem consists of mangrove forests, tiny islands, coastal lagoons, and plenty of marine life.

Unfortunately, the Belize Barrier Reef is deteriorating due to overfishing, ocean acidification, and climate change. Put on your wet suit and become a scuba diving volunteer! Help restore Belize’s coral reef by surveying their health, rehabilitating them, and cleaning up the ocean or beaches.

🇬🇭 Ghana –Volunteer in the Land of Gold

november volunteering in ghana

Located in the west of Africa, Ghana is known for its extensive gold reserve. Besides being West African’s golden child, Ghana offers a vibrant culture, deep history, and untouched nature. Additionally, Ghanaians are considered one of the friendliest people in the World. Join one of our diverse volunteer projects in Ghana and receive a warm Akwaaba (welcome) from the locals.

Healthcare Volunteering

Despite Ghana’s stable democracy and rapidly growing economy, there is still a wide gap between the rich and the poor. For example, the bad infrastructure in rural areas makes it difficult for underserved communities to access proper medical attention.

Work as a volunteer in our healthcare program and provide treatments to rural patients while gaining valuable work experience abroad!

Childcare Volunteering

Unfortunately, many daycare centers do not benefit from Ghana’s booming economy. As a result, they are severely understaffed and overcrowded. That’s why local caregivers and children need your help as a volunteer!

Become a volunteer in Accra or rural areas and gain invaluable childcare experience! Adorable children with the biggest smiles are waiting for you to spend some quality time with them!

Teaching Volunteering

If you’re more into teaching children, volunteer in schools in Ghana! As a volunteer abroad, you will assist local teachers in providing different lessons to children. With your help, these students will receive a formal education, so they can experience a brighter future for themselves!

🇪🇨 Ecuador – That’s All You Need!

volunteering in ecuador during november

Finally, we have Ecuador! Don’t be fooled by its size though! The fourth-smallest country in South America has got it all: Amazon jungle, dazzling landscape, buzzing cities, hospitable locals, and more! No wonder Ecuador’s tourism slogan is “All you need is Ecuador!”.

Volunteer abroad in Ecuador and explore all the sights and culture this country has to offer.

Rainforest Conservation Programs

If you’re a nature lover, volunteering in the Amazon rainforest will be the perfect match for you! Known as the “lungs of the Earth”, the jungle plays a vital role for our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Yet, it is being destroyed for human purposes such as agriculture, cattle ranching, or oil extraction.

Protect one of the most important ecosystems by volunteering in Ecuador! Your volunteer duties include replanting trees, collect important data, or educate local communities about the rainforest’s importance.

Wildlife Conservation Programs

Thanks to its climate and terrain, Ecuador is one of the most wildlife-rich countries in the world. Become a volunteer and grab the opportunity to work with one-of-a-kind animals. Preserve giant tortoises in Galapagos Islands or take care of injured monkeys, river dolphins, and sloths in the Amazon rainforest. If you’re lucky, you will even encounter jaguars or ocelots!

Teaching Volunteering

If you’re looking for an opportunity to gain work experience as a teacher, our education programs in Ecuador will be the right fit for you. Share your English, math, or sports skills with eager children and help them with their homework after school! You will increase their future opportunities by helping students get a formal education.


There you have it! Our extensive list of best places to volunteer in November! Where do you see yourself volunteering? Share your top destinations in the comments below! If you need help choosing a volunteer program, contact us via our live chat!

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