Best Places to Volunteer in Fall

What comes to your mind when you think of fall? Crisp temperatures? Sweater-weather? Colorful foliage? Do you also think of a fall getaway? With lower airfares and less crowded tourists sights, the fall season is one of the best times to volunteer abroad!

Our volunteer opportunities are sprinkled in different countries across the world. So you are free to travel wherever your heart takes you! If youโ€™re an animal lover, you should volunteer in wildlife hotspots like South Africa, Namibia, or Ghana. Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia are always looking for passionate teaching volunteers. Lastly, join our environmental conservation opportunities in Latin America! As a volunteer abroad, you will protect our nature on land as well as below the water.

Donโ€™t put your suitcase away just yet. Pack your summer clothes and join a meaningful volunteer program before the winter days come. Read through our lengthy catalog of best places to volunteer in fall to get inspired!

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