Best Places to Volunteer in August [Updated for 2024]

Best Places to Volunteer in August
Expand your horizons and volunteer abroad in August. We're giving you our best volunteer destinations where you can make a meaningful impact.

Are you one of those people who wishes summer would last forever? Unfortunately, August tends to remind us that summer eventually comes to an end. Why not get the most out of what’s left and volunteer abroad? To inspire your travel plans, we’ve listed some of our best places to volunteer in August. Volunteer in Africa, Asia, Central America, or Europe. The volunteer opportunities are endless and your life-changing adventure abroad is just a click away.

Volunteer Abroad in Heartwarming Ghana 🇬🇭 

Community Volunteering in Ghana

Known as Africa for beginners, Ghana is the best place to start if you want to volunteer in Africa. Located in Western Africa on the Coast of Guinea, Ghana offers a mix of endless beaches, lush rainforests, and a diversity of wildlife. Think elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and so much more. Besides being a natural treasure trove, Ghana’s people will charm you with a positive mindset. Volunteering in Ghana will change lives and captivate you with its natural beauty and heartwarming people.

Teaching & Healthcare Programs

The focus of volunteer abroad programs in Ghana is definitely on the people. Volunteer in the capital Accra, a bustling city that may not blow you away but will grow on you because of its electric vibe. Teachers and healthcare volunteers will find plenty of volunteer programs in the cities and rural areas. Rural projects may be more suitable for those prone to sensory overload. The noise, smells, and chaos of the cities aren’t for everyone.

Support local doctors and nurses in Ghana and provide locals with the necessary care. Raise awareness about the importance of hygiene, nutrition, vaccinations, and disease prevention.

Teachers also play a crucial role in teaching Ghanese youth English and other subjects. Join a teaching program and exponentially increase their future opportunities. This is a great chance for you to help the local community and gain international work experience in Africa!

Volunteer for Monkey Business in Indonesia 🇮🇩

Volunteering with Orangutans in Indonesia

Endless green rice paddies as far as the eyes can see, beaches with the clearest turquoise water and spiritual sanctuaries tucked away among breathtaking landscapes. Indonesia’s diversity and natural beauty will make you want to take endless pictures. The Indonesian people, however, will melt your heart.

Coral Reefs & Orangutans

Volunteers who are drawn to nature have come to the right place! Passionate divers can contribute to marine life conservation. Help maintain the coral reefs of this archipelago which gives life to sea creatures and maintains ecological balance.

If you feel at home among huge trees and aren’t intimidated by the humidity of tropical rainforests, volunteer for wildlife conservation in Indonesia. Protect the endangered Orangutan and make sure this species survives ongoing threats like habitat loss and illegal pet trade. Volunteering with Orangutans is a unique opportunity that can only be done in Indonesia, Borneo, and Malaysia.

Volunteers who want to connect closely with the local community will find teaching opportunities in Indonesia very fulfilling. Give the youth of Indonesia better future opportunities. Teach them English and other skills that will boost their confidence. 

Safaris with Volunteering in Tanzania 🇹🇿

Teaching Programs in Tanzania

If you dream of traveling to Africa and seeing the Big 5 roaming the grasslands of the Savannah, then Tanzania is your volunteer destination. Giraffes, elephants, lions, and rhinos are a common theme in the national parks of this South-East African gem. Travel to Tanzania as a volunteer and explore this wonderful country and help the local people.

Volunteering in Tanzania gives you the opportunity to go sight-seeing and do a safari during your days off. If you’re planning on traveling to Tanzania to volunteer for wildlife conservation, you may be in for a little disappointment because the majority of volunteer programs are aimed at social work and helping the community.

Childcare Programs and Medical Missions

This is one of the best ways to connect with the people of Tanzania and guide them toward a promising future. How do you do this? Tanzania teaching programs are abundant in cities like Arusha and Moshi. Volunteers who prefer working closely with children can join a childcare program – they will be thrilled to have you on board. 

Healthcare students or professionals will find different specialties from midwifery to mental health projects in Tanzania. If you want to save lives in Africa, then Tanzania may be the best place to volunteer in August for you!

Volunteering & Siestas in Spain 🇪🇸

Volunteer with Horses in Spain

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, this is your chance! If chilling out during the day and having a siesta is your idea of heaven, then Spain may be the best place to volunteer in August for you. Don’t expect lunch before 2 pm and you may need to get used to eating dinner at 10 pm. Regardless, Spain is a force to be reckoned with both on the cultural and natural front.

A Dream for Horse Lovers & Divers

Horse lovers will be inspired by working at a horse sanctuary in Andalucia. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about natural and sympathetic horse training, then this an opportunity you won’t want to pass up. 

Marine life enthusiasts can join a program with dolphins and whales or dedicate their time to a marine conservation project. Zip up your wet-suit and get ready for one of the most impactful dives of your life.

Volunteers preferring a drier approach to their volunteer journey can work with people with special needs. Brighten up their days and watch how this work gives you purpose and meaning. 

Pho-nomenal Volunteering Vietnam 🇻🇳

Volunteer Teaching in Vietnam

Besides being the world’s greatest producer of cashew nuts and accounting for 20% of the world coffee market share, there’s much more to Vietnam. It’s Chinese, Japanese, French, and American influence is reflected in their architecture and world-class cuisine. Foodie volunteers will not want to miss an opportunity in Vietnam.

Uncover Vietnam’s natural beauty! The fertile delta of the Red River with its brilliant green rice paddies, Ha Long Bay a world wonder, the ancient coastal city Hoi An, and so much more. Volunteers with an appetite for this South-East Asian treasure can also give back to the local community. 

Teaching the Alphabet… or take Vitals

The best way to help Vietnamese people is by investing your time in their education. English skills are crucial for their future job prospects. Teach them English from a young age which increases their chances of speaking fluently. You can also do meaningful work in Vietnamese healthcare. Support local doctors and nurses with daily tasks. Gain practical international work experience in de field of medicine!

Wildlife and Community Volunteering in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Childcare Programs in Sri Lanka

Did you know Sri Lanka is the first country in the world to elect a female prime minister? If that doesn’t count for women empowerment! Besides being a great volunteer destination, it’s also famous for tea, cinnamon, and elephants, in case you were wondering. 

Volunteer with Elephants and Sea Turtles

Volunteers eager to get their hands dirty while working on a program with elephants have come to the right place! Join an elephant camp program and help care for rescued elephants. If you’re more of an academic and enjoy research, observe elephants in the wild and learn all about the major threats to their survival.

Sea turtles also need your help. Volunteers who love long walks on the beach can patrol for sea turtle eggs. Increase the survival rates of baby sea turtles we can admire sea turtles for many more years to come. Read this inspiring blog post about volunteering with sea turtles!

Are you more into working with the cheerful people of Sri Lanka? In that case, childcare, English teaching, and medical mission projects will be more than happy to have you!

Manatees and Sea Turtles in Belize 🇧🇿

Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Belize

Have you always dreamed of a life in the Caribbean, white powdery beaches, swaying palm trees, and crystal clear blue water? We can make that dream come true. Volunteer in Belize and discover the secrets beneath the surface of the Caribbean sea. See whale sharks, manatees, and discover the magic behind the blue hole.

Saving the Barrier Reef

Volunteers concerned about marine life conservation can combine their passion for diving with protecting the marine ecosystem. The Belize barrier reef is a stunning sight giving life to a plethora of marine creatures in the Caribbean. Help with clearing invasive species to give other animals a chance. If manatees or whale sharks sound more appealing, commit to a program to collect data on these vulnerable creatures.

Sustainable agriculture is an option if you prefer lush jungles to white sandy beaches. Volunteering in Belize is heavily nature-based. Are you ready to surrender to the rhythm of nature and give it a helping hand?

Diverse Nature and Volunteer Programs in Portugal 🇵🇹

Sustainable Agriculture in Portugal

Are you curious about the country that was once so powerful it owned half of the New World? Portugal will astound you with its abundance of cultural heritage. Portugal’s bounty of natural parks and unique location by the Atlantic Ocean will also present breathtaking views of the Algarve, cliffs overlooking endless beaches, and affluence of fauna and flora.

Fight Food Waste

Volunteer in Portugal and you’ll find a variety of volunteer opportunities. Passionate divers will love joining a marine conservation project. Remove harmful waste from the ocean so it no longer ends up in the noses or stomachs of marine animals like sea turtles and whales. If you’re concerned about food waste, volunteer to redistribute leftover food from hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets to those in need.

Farming with Special Needs

Work on an agriculture project and include those with special needs who experience great difficulties finding job opportunities. If you’re a bit of a lone wolf, why not volunteer for wolf conservation and protect these mysterious creatures from habitat loss and other threats? We told you Portugal is diverse! Check out these top tips for volunteering in Portugal from one of our partners!

If you haven’t planned your international travel for August yet, volunteering abroad is a meaningful way to travel that will make a phenomenal difference. Our live chat team is here for you to help you find the right volunteering opportunity for you. Also, check out our story on August volunteer opportunities to share with your friends.

Let us know which of our best places to volunteer in August appeals to you most in the comments below!


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