Summer Volunteer Programs

Best Places to Volunteer in Summer

Summer is here! Whether you’re a student or working, you deserve a much-needed break in the summer. Summer season is usually the time where your wanderlust is at its peak. So, what better time to give into the desire to travel than now?

Traveling abroad is always a memorable experience. However, make your trip even more special by combining your adventure abroad with meaningful volunteer work! As a volunteer abroad, you will not only be able to explore a new country, but you will also make a long-lasting impact on the local community or wildlife!

Whether you want to protect wildlife in Africa, volunteer in an equine rescue program in Spain, teach English students in Vietnam, or volunteer with sloths in Costa Rica, our diverse volunteer programs have something for everyone!

If you still have no clue where to travel to this summer, read our articles and get inspired by our lists of best places to volunteer in summer!