Best Places to Volunteer in March [2024]

March walks the fine line between winter and spring. The month starts with cold, windy weather and ends with (hopefully) warmer temperatures. Regardless of the temperature, mid-March marks the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere! It is the time of year when we can put back our thick winter coat in our closet and daylight saving time begins.

Take advantage of the warmer and longer days and volunteer abroad in amazing places! Make your travel more meaningful by contributing to the local community. Besides making a positive impact, you will get to experience a foreign country and its culture!

Do you need some inspiration on where to travel to during springtime? We’ve got you! Here is our list of the 7 best places to volunteer in March 2024!

Costa Rica – Live the Pura Vida Lifestyle 🇨🇷

sloth volunteer in costa rica

Tall volcanic mountains, endless coastlines, and stunning beaches – introducing Costa Rica. Even though Costa Rica only takes up 0.03% of the world’s land, there is a ton for you to explore. Besides the astonishing landscape, you will find plenty of flora and fauna as well. Did you know that Costa Rica’s lush rainforest is home to 5% of the entire planet’s biodiversity? If these incredible facts can’t convince you to travel to Costa Rica, maybe the local community will. Surveys found out that Costa Ricans are one of the happiest people in the world! No wonder, given their “Pura Vida” (= “pure life”) lifestyle.

Experience the easy-going and simple way of living yourself by joining a volunteer program abroad. Make your travel more meaningful and increase the locals’ happiness even more (and yours, too)!

Sea Turtle Conservation Programs

As mentioned above, you can find plenty of wildlife in Costa Rica. The majestic sea turtle is one of them. Every year, female turtles find their way back home to lay their eggs in a nest in the sand. Unfortunately, increased tourism and construction on beaches are destroying many nesting sites.

Volunteer abroad in a turtle sanctuary! Work alongside other fellow volunteers and create a safe environment for turtles to lay their eggs. As a highlight of your volunteer adventure abroad, you might see baby turtles hatch and wiggle their way to the ocean! This unique experience will make your travel worthwhile!

Sloths Conservation Projects

The Pura Vida mentality is not only embodied by Costa Ricans, but by sloths as well! Luckily, sloths are not endangered (for now). Yet, several ones are injured, abandoned, or rescued from the illegal pet trade.

That’s why the community needs your helping hand! Volunteer abroad in a sloth sanctuary and care for them! Once they are healthy enough, you will release them into the wild again. Volunteers’ tasks may include feeding sloths, cleaning the enclosures, or giving tours of the sanctuary to visitors. Don’t worry, that sounds a lot, but don’t forget: you’ll be in Costa Rica where the locals have a Pura Vida approach to life!

Women Empowerment Programs

Every year, March 8 marks “International Women’s Day” in many countries around the world. It’s a day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievement made by remarkable women in social, economic, cultural, and political sectors. Costa Rica has taken some great actions to promote gender equality. Yet, there is still a significant number of women and girls that are still marginalized.

Volunteer abroad and join a women empowerment program! Help underrepresented Ticas (that’s how female Costa Ricans call themselves) find their own voice by giving them emotional and educational support. With your help, Ticas will confidently lead an independent life the way they see fit.

Malaysia – Volunteer in Truly Asia 🇲🇾

diving in malaysia

Malaysia – Truly Asia” is the catchy tourism slogan used by the country. It does not come as a surprise since Malaysia is the melting pot of cultures. When traveling to Malaysia, you will encounter a blend of multitudes of Asian ethnicities that have settled in this country over the past centuries. Thus, you can find many religions ranging from Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism in the South East Asian country. Also, Malaysia offers a unique landscape of land and new. For example, the capital city Kuala Lumpur is characterized by towering skyscrapers and antique Malay architecture. Malaysia is truly a destination in Asia you do not want to miss!

Orangutan Conservation Projects

Besides striking architecture, Malaysia also offers lush rainforests on the island of Borneo. For all the nature lovers out there, it’s a great opportunity to trek through the tropical jungle that is older than the Amazon Rainforest! If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot wild orangutans on your hike! Unfortunately, the orangutans are considered endangered. They have been facing threats of deforestation for a significant period of time.

Volunteer abroad in our wildlife conservation program and contribute to the survival of orangutans! Protect the red-haired apes by observing them in the forest, analyzing collected fruit trails, and preparing behavioral data sheets.

Marine Conservation Programs

Gorgeous architecture and lush rainforests are not the only local attractions that lure travelers to Malaysia. As an archipelago, Malaysia has many marvelous beaches with alluring diving opportunities. Sadly, the marine ecosystem suffers from plastic pollution, coral bleaching, and overfishing.

Protect the marine environment for its inhabitants by volunteering abroad! Dive right into our conservation programs and conduct coral research, monitor marine life, and clean up beaches.

Experience Ecuador 🇪🇨

ecuadorian rainforest

Located on the West coast of South America, Ecuador is often overlooked by its neighboring countries. Yes, Columbia and Peru are amazing destinations, but visiting Ecuador is as worthwhile! From hiking towering mountains, observing wondrous wildlife, to learning about the rich culture and history of Quito. The list of activities is endless. Saving the best at last: Galapagos Islands! A hotspot for impressive beaches, thrilling diving spots, and gigantic tortoises!

See? Despite its small size, Ecuador has a lot to offer – including opportunities for volunteers!

Rainforest Conservation Projects

The Amazon Rainforest is a mind-blowing (and important) ecosystem when you think about it. It covers a surface area of approximately 5.5 million km² (2.1 million sq mi) which spans across nine countries of South America. Ecuador being one of them. Its biodiversity is incomparable with over 3 million wildlife species and over 2,500 tree species. And most importantly: the Amazon Rainforest produces most of the world’s oxygen! Despite its important role, the Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed by unsustainable agricultural expansion and illegal deforestation.

Help protect the “Lungs of our Earth” for our future generations and join one of our conservation programs! As a volunteer abroad, you will plant trees, promote environmental awareness, and care for injured wildlife of the jungle.

Teaching Programs

If you’re more into interacting with humans, our education programs have got you covered. Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or like to share your knowledge, Ecuadorian students will welcome you into their classrooms.

Help local teachers convey the content of math, English, or science. Not only will you contribute to the kids’ academic foundation, but you will also get to learn a school system that might differ from your home country.

Volunteer in Bella Italia 🇮🇹

italy teaching volunteer

If you’re planning to visit Italy in March, you’ll be in for a treat. March is considered as the “shoulder season” in the boot-shaped country. Tourist crowds are less sparse and fares on flights are more affordable. The perfect time to embark on your volunteer adventure! After a rewarding workday at your project site, explore Italy’s historic architecture, enjoy the best food, and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes! Italy is a multifaceted country that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.

Community Volunteer Projects

Italy, compared to the other countries mentioned on this list, is a developed country. Yet, volunteering in this country can as rewarding as in any other destination. Most of our volunteer opportunities are dedicated to the local community.

Whether you want to care for children with special needs, teach English in primary schools, or work with refugees, our various programs have got you covered!

Health Care Volunteer Programs

Volunteers, who have experience in a medical background or want to dip their toes in this field, can join our health care programs! Whether you want to become an expert in a specific branch or to experience different ones during your volunteer stay, our medical internships will be the right fit!

Sri Lanka – Discover the Pearl of the Indian Ocean 🇱🇰

sri lanka education volunteering

Despite its small size, Sri Lanka offers a variety of amazing attractions. Serene beaches, adrenaline-pumping sports activities, and multi-cultural society. No wonder the tear-shaped country attracts many tourists every year! Volunteer abroad in the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”! Explore the many local gems such as rare wildlife, spicy dishes, and unique volunteer opportunities!

Elephant Conservation Projects

Do you know the difference between the Sri Lankan elephant and its African relatives? Generally, the former has smaller ears, more curved spines, and patches of depigmentation. Female Sri Lankan elephants lack tucks compared to the African ones. On the other side, the male elephants’ tucks are usually longer and heavier than these of the African elephants. Yet, both elephant species share a sad, common trait. The rapid decrease in their population due to unethical elephant tourism, poaching for ivory, and habitat loss.

Volunteer abroad and help protect these magical creatures! Depending on whether you aspire to join a wildlife reserve or a sanctuary, your work as a volunteer may vary. Thus, your activities include monitoring the elephants’ trails and tanks, observing human-elephant conflicts, or preparing food, and learning about mahout skills.

Community Programs

If caring for wildlife is not your cup of tea, we have plenty of volunteer programs focusing on the local communities. Whether you’re into teaching English to eager children, working with street children, or building schools, Sri Lanka is one of those places that offers something for everyone!

Medical Volunteer Projects

Sri Lanka is the only country in South Asia that provides free healthcare to all its citizens. Since 1951, the government has funded the public healthcare system. As every citizen has access to proper medical attention, Sri Lanka was able to end diseases such as polio, measles, and malaria in the past!

Volunteer abroad with local health care providers and contribute to their continued success! Whether you’re a current medical student or a professional, doctors need your helping hand! Don’t worry about your (lack of) medical skills! Our diverse medical programs will cater to your needs, interests, and level of work experience!

Volunteer in Beautiful Belize 🇧🇿

belize whale shark conservation

Belize is a small country nestled between Mexico and Guatemala. Even though Belize’s popularity in terms of travel destinations has increased recently, it is still relatively untouched compared to its neighbors. Coupled with the low population density, you definitely won’t encounter any large crowds during your travels! Once you finished your volunteer duties, explore the island filled with its palmed-fringed beaches, mysterious Mayan ruins, and mouth-watering local food.

Marine Conservation Programs

Belize’s seascape is as phenomenal as its landscape! Did you know that the world-renowned Blue Hole can be found off the coast of Belize? The huge underwater hole measures 300m (1,000 ft) across and 125m (412 ft) deep! But don’t worry, if you’re not into adrenaline-inducing marine adventures. There are other ways to experience the country.

As exhilarating and even more rewarding are our marine conservation programs! Become a volunteer abroad by protecting the marine ecosystem from over-fishing and pollution! While doing so, you will encounter countless fish, whale sharks, and manatees up-close.

Scuba Diving Projects

If you’re a snorkeling or diving enthusiast, the Belize Barrier Reef definitely should be on your bucket list. The second-largest coral reef (right after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) is home to an endless list of magical marine life. Yet, coral reefs are deteriorating and dying because of overfishing, ocean acidification, and climate change.

Help restore marine life’s home by volunteering abroad! Your duties include surveying reef health, rehabilitating coral reefs, and cleaning up the ocean or beaches. Your contribution will definitely have a positive impact on the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants!

Mexico – Volunteer and Learn Spanish 🇲🇽

sea turtle in mexico

Last but definitely not least: Mexico! Drenched in captivating landscapes, historic ruins, and varied cultures, this country will overwhelm you in a very good way. Besides, it offers a range of opportunities for volunteers. That way, it will make your travel even more significant. Once you finished your volunteer duties, fuel your body with mouth-watering street-food, work on your tan at the idyllic beaches, or visit the Mayan ruins.

Teaching Volunteer Programs

If you’re looking for an opportunity to gain work experience as a teacher, then our education programs will be the right fit for you. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a school in a rural area or in Mexico City, all students are eager to learn.

Volunteer abroad in a local school and help students get a formal education. With your support, they will have a more promising future to look forward to!

Sea Turtles Conservation Projects

Home to six out of seven turtle species, Mexico is the best place in the world if you want to encounter wild turtles. Did you know that turtles have been roaming the ocean for over 130 million years? Sadly, their population has declined in the past due to human influences. Volunteer abroad in a sea turtle conservation program and help protect the endangered sea creatures. That way, sea turtles will get to live for another couple of million years!

Diving Programs

Keeping the underwater theme going, we also offer exciting diving programs!

Most of them focus on restoring coral reefs. They are home to millions of species. Yet, corals are being destroyed by overfishing, careless tourism, and climate change. Volunteers abroad will protect them by conducting research and planting nursery-grown back onto reefs. Are you ready to explore the depth of the Pacific Ocean while protecting the marine ecosystem?


This concludes our extensive list of best places to volunteer in March 2024! Seven destinations filled with incredible landscapes, rich culture, and rewarding volunteer opportunities. Which country made it onto your travel bucket list? Leave a comment below! If you need help to finalize your meaningful traveling plans or are looking for a spring break alternative, do not hesitate to contact us in our live chat!

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