Best Places to Volunteer in Spring

Spring is an ideal time to volunteer. Days are getting longer, temperatures become warmer, flowers begin to bloom. In addition, the tourist sights are still void of the summer crowds. What more reasons do you need to volunteer abroad?

There are many amazing destinations in spring that need your help and support. Volunteer in African hotspots like South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya and gain practical experience as a teacher or help locals protect endangered wildlife.

Asian gems, such as Indonesia and Nepal, are waiting for passionate childcare volunteers. Even developed countries in Europe need help from volunteers! Volunteer in Italy or Portugal and contribute to the environment and wildlife protection.

Regardless of the destination, each country has a unique environment and culture which is worth exploring! By combining your adventure abroad with meaningful volunteer opportunities, your experience will be even more special! Spring into the season right and get inspired by our lists of best places to volunteer in spring!

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