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Volunteer in Portugal

Our friends from ImpacTrip Portugal have provided us with some first-hand insights about the best volunteer causes in Portugal! Curious? Keep on reading!

“Whenever we travel, we always want the days we spend in the destination we choose, to have a special meaning, to rip our hearts out and to leave us memories for the rest of our lives. For those who travel to volunteer, the meaning, the purpose and the result of the trip, have even greater importance and transform the lives of those who live it.

Normally, those who do volunteer tourism want, besides helping, to know the true country, the people in their day to day, customs and what is not usually shown to ordinary tourists. Therefore, the expectations are different and the experiences are unique and unforgettable.

In Portugal, that country at the tip of Europe, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, with beautiful monuments and magnificent landscapes, there are unique, striking and fun ways to volunteer.

Let’s get to know some of them!

Marine Conservation

Do you like contact with nature, the beach, the sea? This program is right for you!

Volunteers on the Marine Conservation have the opportunity to join a variety of conservation efforts focused on the protection of the marine ecosystem on the Portuguese coastline. Volunteers work in collaboration with a diving school that has a special emphasis on local environmental protection.

Volunteer in Marine Conservation

At each dive, in addition to seeing the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean, the volunteers will have the mission of collecting trash from the bottom of the sea, helping to preserve the Atlantic marine fauna and flora.

The volunteers will be always supervised by an experienced diver and will receive comprehensive training on the marine conservation subject. Any person can participate, from beginners (start with the Open Water Dive Certification) or more experienced divers (start with the Advanced Open Water Dive Certification).

At each dive, volunteers will observe fish of all colors, touch weird seaweeds, explore underwater caves and discover boat wrecks and many more.

This is the opportunity to discover a new underwater world and contribute to clean up the Atlantic Ocean by bringing trash out during the dive. We have collected over 1500 kgs of trash from the Atlantic Ocean and we count on you to collect and recycle much more!

Wolf Conservation

Are you passionate about nature, wildlife, and animals? Do you prefer the quiet of the forest instead of the crowded big cities?

Join a wolf conservation program

In this volunteer program, you can combine all these ingredients and help the Iberian Wolf, an endangered species.

At the Iberian Wolf Preservation Centre, volunteers will be able to participate in a wide range of day-to-day activities at the Centre, including assisting with animal feeding, checking water, maintenance of the Centre infrastructure, fire prevention, forest cleaning and observing wolves check their health, among other tasks. The volunteers will be accommodated in very comfortable wooden houses at the Centre itself, and the local staff will guide them permanently.

The daily tasks are very fun and you will be able to meet people with the same passions as you. By night the silence and calm are perfect for your connection with nature and the wolves.

This is the perfect volunteer for nature lovers.

Building the Future in Portugal

Construction work can be fun!

The place where we live is also the mirror of our soul and happiness. Having a home where we feel comfortable and where we have good memories and dignity, is essential to being happy.

The volunteers will have the opportunity to be integrated into a team that has a common mission, rebuild houses by rebuilding lives, smiles, and families. You will be painting doors and walls, fixing bathrooms or the floor, among other tasks.

And the best part? You don’t have to be an expert in construction as there will always be a supervisor explaining how to perform the tasks and making sure everything you do is correct.

An amazing experience that will let you know different people, different lives, and different skills that you never thought you had.

Fighting Food Waste and Hunger

Hunger, malnutrition, or poor diet are problems that also occur in large cities and first world countries such as Portugal.

Help to fight Food waste as a volunteer in Portugal
Aren’t hair nets a top accessory? 😉

One way to combat this factor is fighting food waste which, although unfortunately is common practice, is now beginning to generate more awareness for the bad practice it is.

Every day there are hundreds of hungry families, and every day there are thousands of kg of food in perfect conditions, lying in the trash.

In this program the objective is to help local institutions that combat food waste, collecting, organizing and distributing the food excess from restaurants, cafés, and supermarkets to fight food waste in the city.

In this program, volunteers actively contribute to fighting food waste and hunger in a structured system that feeds over 3000 people every day.

Volunteers will support a network of centers that recover
food, in good conditions, from local restaurants, supermarkets, and cafés and re-distribute it among families, elderly and homeless people in need. Volunteers can be working across the centers in Lisbon and their tasks will include collecting the food from local providers, assisting with the packaging it, assisting with sorting and storage of any food left for the next day, distributing it to the families and clean up at the end of the shift.

You will work a lot, but you will have the time of your life with the local teams.

And these are the four most amazing ways to volunteer in Portugal where, besides helping, you will have an awesome time, meet new and wonderful people, and give real meaning to your holidays.”

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