KVCDP offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in Kenya

The second part of the interview with Jackline Ouko, member of the Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project. Jackline points out the details of the different kinds of work, volunteers do with KVCDP.

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project is an established non-governmental organization operating in Kenya contribute towards poverty alleviation, provision of quality education and health care, prevention of new HIV/AIDS infections, and addressing environmental issues in rural communities.
In our last interview we talked with Jackline Ouko, the project director at KVCDP about the aims of the organization and their services. Today we would like to go more in depth about the volunteer work positions that the NGO offers to introduce the variety of opportunities, ranking from non requirement jobs to high qualified work experience possibilities.

What kind of work can volunteers do with KVCDP?

As said before, we offer a broad variety of volunteer programs.

If you would like to make a meaningful contributions in developing countries, but you are not exactly sure how, then you have come to the right place.

Volunteer placement options are available in teaching, health care, social work, sport projects, human right, environment, infrastructure, agriculture, just to name but a few. We assists the local communities by providing volunteers placed according to their strength and interest in the project. KVCDP has programs for everyone weather you are traveling abroad, taking time off from school, want to experience a volunteer holiday, or simply wish to provide assistance to disadvantaged populations in Kenya.

KVDCP offers quiet a diversity in tasks and based on the program choice, the typical work will probably include different tasks. Could you introduce a project that that doesn’t requires specialized training?

One of our most popular programs is working as a teacher. Being a teacher with us is a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience in teaching, if you are considering the same as your future career. It gives volunteers an opportunity to share, explore their talents of teaching profession and to impart the same knowledge acquired in their areas of specialization.

The overwhelming number of children or students in a single class has called for a great need of volunteers who can speak and write English to assist these communities.

Additionally the volunteer gains experience within the culture and work environment. You can work as a teacher in a local school but also most of the orphanages aim at the provision of education opportunities to orphans; therefore, in most cases, volunteers teach basic English conversation to the children. Volunteers can also help in developing creative programs such as art, music, dance, sports, etc. Additional help on day trips, sanitation, cooking, and administration might be requested.

That sounds like an amazing opportunity. How about the health projects that you offer, which different jobs do you offer?

In the health projects, volunteers support the local doctors and nurses.Work ranges from observational to basic assistance, depending on level of knowledge, experience, and skill. Health care professional students, are needed at the village clinics.

Be aware that the working conditions may not be what you are used to. The equipment is quite basic and the amount and variety of medicines are very limited.

The need for action to effectively prevent, manage, provide care and support for people infected & affected by HIV/AIDS is urgent.

This is an excellent opportunity for volunteers to care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers work at clinics to diagnose and educate people on HIV/AIDS providing care and support and directly with local community based organization providing support, counseling and programs for those unfortunate enough to be infected.As a volunteer you can help the casualties suffering from opportunistic diseases to reverse the quality of life in many communities.

There is a lot to learn and experience working on these projects.

You mentioned that you also offer sport projects. How can those help communities and what kind of tasks do volunteers do within the projects?

A volunteer participating on sports projects promotes behavior change and communication, peace, unity and development but also to harness the potential in many young children to take professional football as a career.

Volunteers will help in developing passion for sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc. among schools and community children.

Volunteers will also assists in coaching, training drills, coordinating skills, and organizing competitions among sports for men and women. This project involve placement at a local school or with a local football club. KVCDP has various field based projects working in and with community groups, schools, hospitals in low income urban neighborhood and rural areas in helping towards the development of various aspects of community life.

It’s also an opportunity to become actively involved in community activities such as helping to construct and install a water tanks, renovation of schools, construction of a community resource center, tree planting etc.

This approach helps to promote culture exchange that will take place between the volunteers and the residents of the communities/villages in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are fostered and valued, and where those with diverse backgrounds and experiences are able to participate and contribute towards development.


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  1. says: shussey27

    I have never done a volunteering program or trip before so I would also be curious as to how many volunteer you get in a year? I have been doing some research into different charities as I am hoping to do a trip next year…just looking for a the best worthy cause for my time πŸ™‚

  2. says: Emily Luxton

    This seems to be a very worthwhile cause and a great charity. I think it’s great that you give people without specialised training an opportunity to volunteer in teaching.

  3. Although I greatly appreciate volunteer work, I appreciate it even more when its done for the “right” reasons: development, empowerment, teaching. Still I sometimes have mixed feelings about this. But that would be a whole new other topic for as to discuss.

  4. says: Elaine

    I found it really hard to identify legitimate volunteer opportunities when I was travelling last year. So many were high cost for a short period of time and it was dubious how much of a contribution could be made. How does KVCDP work?

  5. I just posted and it seems like it didnt work.. anyway, my partner and I are planning to go to Africa in few years time to volunteer as Jon used to live there since his father had a job like 10 years ago.. Well, i just checked your volunteer options and you’re looking for English teachers.. well, we are both qualified TEFL teachers with experience in Asia and SOuth America.. will definitely keep in touch!

    1. says: Anonymous

      Thank you so much. Just give us a shout and we will assist you to find a suitable opportunity for you!

  6. says: Veronika

    This sounds great, more organisations like that all over the world and we might get closer to making the world a better place to live for everybody.
    Good luck!

  7. says: chritsine

    Very cool! Such a variety of things you can help out with! I’d love to check out Kenya. If we make it over there I’ll definitely check out the organization.

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