KVCDP empowers the youth of Kenya

Jackline Ouko, member of the Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project, explains the projects aspiring work to provide care and education for children, improvements in the living conditions and the quality of life in communities.

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project is an established non-governmental organization operating in Kenya. KVCDP goal is to contribute towards poverty alleviation, provision of quality education and health care, prevention of new HIV/AIDS infections, and addressing environmental issues in rural communities.

Jackline Ouko, project director at KVCDP started her work with the NGO because she believed in the mission – to empower the youth socially, economically and above all encourage and improve the quality of life in the Kenyan communities. We had the chance to interview her for a better impression into the life of a volunteer with KVCDP.

Jackline, we are very impressed by the passion that you are working on this project. Why did you decide to join KVCDP?

It was very important for me that we are a Kenyan based-Organization facilitating between local communities, organizations, and volunteers to provide meaningful and fully researched volunteer programs in Kenya.

There is quite a tremendous difference volunteers can make in helping local organizations achieve their goals in the areas of health, education and the local economy.

We aim at reducing the impact of poverty by improving sustainable income generating activities, enhancing access to health care and increasing education opportunities to its beneficiaries among orphans, women, physically and mentally challenged persons and unemployed youths.

What can you tell us about the life of a volunteer with KVCDP?

We want to secure that the volunteers from abroad as well as the local communities really benefit from the volunteer work. As an NGO we are committed to the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, gender sensitivity and maintaining an environment that respects diverse cultures, heritages and experiences.We therefore focus on the accountability, transparency and efficiency during the implementation of our programs.

KVCDP offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities in various parts of Kenya including education, healthcare, childcare and community.

KVCDP assists the local communities by providing volunteers to work in community healthcare clinics, local schools, Orphanages and daycare centers and volunteers are placed according to their strength and interest in the project. Side by side with the humanitarian work, we try to strengthen the travel experience by providing cross cultural experiences to our volunteers in Kenya.

How do you help volunteers and what cost should they expect for your service?

KVCDP provides volunteers with first-hand information about placement, what to expect and how to go about living in the community including culture and traditions of the local people.

We assist them with any occurring issues during their stay and organize both short excursions to the island and long day tours to other national parks in both Kenya and Tanzania where they would be able to enjoy the beauty of Africa including one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

We charge an average fee that includes accommodation, both in home stay and others, airport pick up, transport to the project area and back introduction to the project and further support, program fee for supporting our organization and related programs. The cost of living in Kenya has become very high with everything going up every year that makes it difficult even for the local people to live a better life. Therefore we charge a registration of $200 and $100 per week.

What are KVCDP’s plans for the future?

We are planning to put up an education center for the orphans and the vulnerable children to provide quality education at no cost. We have already set up a day care center where we take care of over 60 children and provide early childhood education. Additionally we have a sponsorship program so that children receive free education in local schools.

Our focus will be on ensuring that children in need get quality education to take an active part in improve the community’s economic and social standards.


Within this first part of the interview we have asked her some general questions about KVCDP which will be followed up on, in an in-depth description of the tasks that volunteers can work on at their  divers projects. Volunteer World will publish the second part of the interview within the next few days.

Click here to see the second part of this interview.

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