6 Tips for choosing a volunteer abroad assignment

Penny gives tips for volunteers on choosing a volunteer placement and which details one should watch out for. Her tips concern the costs, the location, the facilities as well as the time commitment for the job on the one hand but also your personal skills.

A day of volunteering at Leaf Pagoda

Hanna volunteered in Vietnam with Volunteers for Peace at Leaf Pagoda. She describes a day of volunteering at Leaf Pagoda, speaks about her experiences and how the life with monks inspired her.

Heading to Vietnam- Hanna & Lukas on the move

What are your expectations, hopes and fears towards your upcoming time as a volunteer? That’s the big questions we are going to ask Hannah and Lukas today. The two siblings are going to start their big adventure in April and will henceforth send blog updates to us. Read up and find out, if you can identify with this?

Breaking the cycle of poverty in Peru

Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (HOOP), is a social project, dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty so many families find themselves in. Brad Brasseur points out, how education and fostering of children gives chances especially to those who would have little chance otherwise. As a successful role model for social projects, HOOP now aims to step up its game.

KVCDP empowers the youth of Kenya

Jackline Ouko, member of the Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project, explains the projects aspiring work to provide care and education for children, improvements in the living conditions and the quality of life in communities.