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Volunteering in Nepal as a purposeful mission supporting the country and collecting great experience in a secure environment.

As promised, this is the second part of our interview with Birendra Poudel, President of NFS in Chitwan, Nepal. Spread the word and send us your comments on these exciting projects!

Please, tell us a little more about your social projects.

Nepal Friendship Society guarantees safety and security for our volunteers. We provide airport pick up, welcome program, orientation program for our volunteers. Currently we are working mainly in rural areas.

Chitwan District of Nepal and Lamjung District of Nepal. There is no defined time commitment, but for making changes in a community and make an impact you have to have time. So depending on the program, we accept volunteers from 2 weeks to 1 year.

Are there community leaders supporting this project?

Some national volunteers are also interested in working on creating change with us but we believe that it is very important to have the feedback, support and contribution of the international volunteers in order to have an intercultural perspective that enhances our learning opportunities.

Do you keep contact with ex-volunteers?

Yes, we always share our work with ex- volunteers and ask them about their thoughts and feedback.

Nepal Friendship

How much does it cost to volunteer at NFS?

We do not charge any program fees for volunteering. We charge only $25 for project donation, $50 for airport pick up, one night stay in Kathmandu, Tourist Bus ticket to Chitwan, Nepali sim card and orientation program and $50 weekly for food and accommodation.


How to get involved?

You can simply apply on Volunteer World. We will analyse it and the program Director will decide if you are qualified and in that case, what is the best program for you.

We thank Nepal Friendship Society and Birendra Poudel, for sharing their achievements with us, and you guys for reading this blog!

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Nepal Friendship Society’s: VISIONGetAttachment-1-min– To improve the quality of life of poor and marginalised people, raising awareness in community of Nepal by enabling Sustainable Development. MISSION- To enable equitable and sustainable Development by improvement of skill management and rising level of awareness in Local level.

Social Impact

GOAL-By empowering marginalised communities with focus on Youth, women through awareness program and community training to promote basic human right, equity and economic well-being. -Improve, support and uplift the education level of poor students in rural places of Nepal.

Apply now!

You are interested and you want to apply for a Nepal Friendship Society Volunteer program? Click here or here and apply now. Nepal Friendship Society is waiting for your application!

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  1. says: Sanda Cajic

    This is definitely an experience we should all go through. Volunteering is not only a giving of oneself, it also means receiving friendships, knowledge of oneself, insight into another culture. It can be a catalyst towards lifelong work for social change.

  2. says: savanna beckner

    I volunteered in Nepal with NFS, and it was my first time leaving the states and I was alone. On my way there, I was timid and restless, but you have to trust the organization. After I let go of my fears and hesitation, I bet Birendra and his team. I can honestly say, that was the best, most exciting experience of my life. Birendra himself is a very kind man who actually has real, genuine passion for helping people, and he is great at it. There are some people who are into this kind of thing to make money off of volunteers, but not Birendra and NFS. As you can tell by the program cost, (the lowest I have ever seen) NFS is modest and purely in it to help people. Great people doing great work, I recommend 100%. I have zero regrets of partnering with NFS.

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