Mouth-Watering Desserts Worldwide

Everybody knows this need for something sweet after a very savoury meal. Or maybe you are just a sweet tooth and enjoy good desserts any time of the day. Well, here are a couple of deliciously mouth-watering desserts from all over to world to diversify your understanding of sweets. In addition, you do want to be well prepared for when you are starting your volunteering experience. Once you arrive in another country, there will be cultural diversities for you to face, but desserts won’t be one of them.

Traditional Koeksisters – South Africa

South African DessertsDon’t they look delicious? If you have cravings for fried food as well as for sweets, the South African Koeksisters, pronounced like “cook sisters”, are exactly what you need! It is a kind of sticky, braided doughnut that is drenched in syrup and then laced with cinnamon, lemon and ginger. Amazing, right? In South Africa they are sold on major streets and in some super markets, but if you just can’t be in South Africa right now, go ahead and show you braiding skills while preparing this awesome dessert!

Martabak Manis – Indonesia

Indonesian DessertsMartabak is a traditional Indonesian dish. It is a folded, pan-fried and stuffed crispy pancake. The great part about this dish is that you can relish it either savoury or sweet! So basically you can have lunch and dessert made from the same base! The sweet version martabak manis, where our focus obviously lies on, can be filled and topped with multiple different things such as chocolate, bananas, peanuts, the fruit durian or Nutella. One at a time or a combination of all of them, no matter what version you are having, you will be enjoying one of the Indonesian’s favourite snack!

Coconut Kisses – Brazil

Brazilian DessertsBeijinhos de Coco – the Portuguese name for these exquisite treats – are heaven on earth for all the coconut lovers among us. Made from 4 simple, easy accessible ingredients, one of which is the Brazilian’s all time favourite sweetened condensed milk, this little treat is perfect for every occasion. They have just the right size, a perfect mouth-full for when you are craving something sweet. Putting them in little paper cups they are ideally for serving them at your afternoon-coffee table! A must-try from Brazil!

Kulfi – India

Indian DessertsYou probably have been missing one of the most popular kinds of desserts so far: Ice cream! And of course the world does offer us many different variations. One kind that you have to try and haven’t had in this way before is the popular frozen dairy dessert Kulfi from India. In contrast to the egg and custard based ice creams you probably know, this dalek-shaped deliciousness is traditionally made from milk alone, which has been simmered for hours and thus gains a nutty and caramelised flavour! In combination with all the exotic ingredients such as rose, mango, cardamom, saffron and pistachios you get ice cream with an Indian touch!

Tres Leches Cake – Costa Rica

Costa Rican DessertsIf your Spanish skills are as basic as mine you might still get that the Tres Leches Cake at some point gets in touch with three kinds of milk. After the baking, the light, fluffy sponge cake is soaked for over three hours in a mix of evaporated milk (unsweetened condensed milk), sweet condensed milk and heavy cream. After the mixture is completely absorbed into the cake, it is topped with some whipped cream! Sometimes there are even some chopped up berries on top. How dulcet does that sound?!

Well, I think that with these options in mind you are well prepared for an experience of sweetness from all over the world. Try these delicious desserts at home but keep in mind that traditional food usually tastes best at the place that it originates from. And I think that these delicacies are worth the journey to one of the countries that are just as exciting as their sweets! If you are interested in volunteering in one of these countries click on the links above and find the different opportunities each country offers or check out our platform.

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