How to preserve our world in a low-impact way?

We are living in a time when conversation, new technologies and the question of “living right” are more relevant and more controversal than they ever were. “Sunseed Desert Technology” is a NGO with a 30 year history of volunteers and socially engaged people working towards a sustainable future.

What makes someone a “good person”?

What makes someone a “good person”? There are many possibilities, but one we can all agree on is empathy! The ability to feel for and support others, no matter who they are or where they come from. Volunteering itself is an expression of empathy, as volunteers go abroad to help and learn from different people all around the world. Learn, how international friendship can change the lives of many.

Building a Future for Underprivileged Children with “Cheap Impact”

Don’t we know it? Being young isn’t easy. That goes for NGOs just as much as for anyone else. Yet with lots of energy, fun and dedication, the people from “Cheap Impact” do a great job of making sure that the kids in their care get a great education and especially a youth filled with fun, friends and a future to look forward to

YAAPHA and Their Fight Against HIV and AIDS

HIV/ AIDS is a terrible disease, which claims countless lives each year. Peter Bundala, member of ‘Youth in action against poverty and AIDS’ explains how YAAPHA provides vital work to undermine the roots of the virus. Through education, care and empowerment of the most vulnerable people, YAAPHA saves lives while improving quality of life and economical chances for the people of Tanzania.

Alliance Nepal – Working Towards a Better Future

After the disastrous earthquake in Mai 2015, Krishna Timilsina from Alliance Nepal speaks about the efforts of locals and volunteers, to get Nepal back up. Though it is going to be a long way, there are many countries, NGO’s and local or foreign volunteers willing to help. An example how something terrible becomes collectively opposed by amazing people.

Voluntourism – It’s not always as it seems

Voluntourism is an amazing phenomenon that can have bad circumstances. Rita Marques founder of ImpacTrip, talks about her personal experiences with voluntourism, the danger, but also the great potential of going out there and getting things done.

The Importance of Global Awareness and International Volunteers

Mente Argentina is a Buenos Aires based organization with many ties to diverse regional social projects. From social and educational work with street kids, to medical and even business opportunities for volunteers, there is always much to do. David from Mente Argentina, explains the significant impact of international volunteering and global awareness have for the city.

Fight social inequality through Voluntourism

Voluntourism is a popular way to work for a good cause while traveling. In a world connected by modern means of communication, people like Rita Marques from ImpacTrip bring together people in need and travelers willing to help.