The Importance of Global Awareness and International Volunteers

Mente Argentina is a Buenos Aires based organization with many ties to diverse regional social projects. From social and educational work with street kids, to medical and even business opportunities for volunteers, there is always much to do. David from Mente Argentina, explains the significant impact of international volunteering and global awareness have for the city.

Mente Argentina has partnered with several volunteer organizations & NGOs in Argentina. Global wareness and international volunteers have played an important role in their work for a long time. A great example, how inspired volunteers and social projects can benefit from each other and how this interaction supports local communities greatly.

You’re working together with a lot of local projects. What are the benefits of international volunteers for local communities?

International volunteering has lots of benefits both for the local communities as well as the volunteers!

Many local communities rely on the help of volunteers to be successful.

It can be difficult to find volunteers locally, so international volunteers are always highly sought after. For the volunteers, it’s a truly unique learning experience that will allows interacting with new cultures, foods, people and languages. Volunteering gives people a view into the lives of the locals instead of simply the tourist sights!

How has volunteering changed in the last couple years regarding the effectiveness for the communities?

As global awareness and travel has become more popular, communities are able to reach larger amounts of perspective volunteers. Through this, programs are expanding and the need for new volunteers is growing. Also, as volunteers become more traveled, the ability to speak new and various languages is increasing which makes it much easier to communicate and assist communities around the world!

International Volunteers

You offer a lot of free time activities. Do you think getting to know the culture is an essential part for a volunteer abroad stay?

By experiencing the local culture, volunteers are able to get a better idea of what makes the community successful or what might be needed and they can take the appropriate action to get things done!

In order to have a successful volunteering experience, it is important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

It is always helpful to get to know the culture, language and history of a country because it will help volunteers in making the most of their experience abroad!


Regarding your “Medical Health Volunteer Program”: What social impact can volunteers have at your project site?

Interns assist in local public healthcare centers, clinics, and hospitals that provide free medical and social services, as well as health and safety information to community members. Interns put their time, medical skills and abilities to use in this program, working with clinic staff, assisting in medical procedures, health and safety workshops, and information sessions.

Participants assist in social services, spending quality time with patients, reading or playing  games, and helping improve the overall quality of the patients stay at the hospital. Students with medical experience/training would be able to assist doctors at a local community center in a variety of different areas depending on his or her specific previous experience and capacities.

Your tip: Do volunteers need to speak Spanish to get involved at your project site. If yes, why do you think it’s important?

We work with a large variety of companies and organizations that offer programs in several different fields, many of which accept students with a limited Spanish level.  Yet, the better your Spanish level, the more options you will have to choose from! Also, with a higher level of Spanish, volunteers are able to receive more responsibilities and tasks which will contribute to a more enriching and meaningful experience!

Mente Argentina

Mente ArgentinaAs part of the Mente Argentina Volunteer Program you will work on locally run projects that benefit the community and improve the environment in which they live. Mente Argentina has partnered with several volunteer organizations & NGOs in Argentina that are in need of international volunteers who are passionate, hardworking, and ready to make a difference. You will see things from a new perspective as you engage with the people and the language, actively absorbing Argentinean culture.

Social Impact

Mente Argentina’s volunteers have the opportunity to choose to work in a variety of different fields, including educating children from under-privileged backgrounds, HIV/AIDS counseling, and medical/health volunteering. Through our program, volunteers will have a chance to form a deep connection to the people of Buenos Aires and contribute to the improvement of life in Argentina![/infobox]

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