Tips and Tricks how to raise funds for a nonprofit organization

Fundraising is an integral part of volunteering because a lot of social projects depend on funds to cover their ongoing costs. Read how you can raise funds for non-profit organizations and how you can make a difference with your work and your motivation to help in any manner.

From Volunteering Experience to Dream Job

We had the opportunity to interview Molly O’Ray. She is a young researcher who is deeply passionate by nature and talks with us about the lessons she learned on her way to her dream job.

Concerns about an Ebola Outbreak in Ghana

You are a passionate traveler and adventurer and you are not afraid of new challenges? But there is this one dangerous things that humans can not stop and which is stronger than anything else. Fatal Diseases. Read more about Ebola and it’s consequences. How to confront yourself with the disease and how to make informed responsible decisions.

The project Adam – Supporting education access and equity

Adam was a backpacker and influenced SOLS with his motivation. With enthusiastic and motivated people it’s possible the make a difference. You will never be able to have an understanding of social issues if you just read a book or search on the internet. You have to be immersed in the situation and experience it yourself.

Interview about Empowering leaders around the world

Naoko, is a socially engaged young woman who had this crazy dream to improve the quality of life of others and that’s exactly what she’s been doing for the past 8 years! SOLS 24/7 supports vulnerable communities with educational tools and programs to establish rural economic systems and urban networks that will allow youth to become dynamic and self-sustaining.

A Billy Bus Ride through Uganda!

Carol Michell and the Billy bus in Uganda. Carol was touched by the country and wanted to get involved. Read how she increases access to healthcare for children, pregnant women and other vulnerable people.