Experteering – Volunteering for Professionals

‘Experteering’ isn’t a new concept but it’s still something relatively unknown to many people. It may solve the problem of needing volunteers, who eventually don’t stay long enough to really learn the job that needs doing. Skilled professionals who volunteer short-term and take on tasks they are best suited for, can leave an astonishing impact on an NGO and make a real difference.

Asia or South America?

Tamara Lowe speaks about her experiences in Asia and South America. She compares traveling on these continents on different aspects! But just to tell you upfront! Either way both contintents are worth it!

Top 5 countries to visit in Asia

Tammy Lowe gives an insight into the beauty and unique characters of her 5 favorite countries in Asia. Outlining details, she explains why these countries are a must see, if you plan to go to Asia

10 must do’s for volunteers in Cambodia

Cambodia. What do we truly know of this mysterious country, about the people who live there, the culture and the sights to see? Luckily, our inside-expert Tammy explains the must-doe’s in Cambodia and what you should expect.

What to pack for your voluntary placement?

Tamara Lowe, a true volunteering veteran, explains how you should pack your bags the right way. Thereby, what you pack largely depends what kind of work you are going to do and where you will do it. Of course, there is always something one forgets when going on a trip. Make sure it’s something trifle, not something vital.