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Deborahs experience in Kenya


Bordered in the south by the Indian Ocean, the terrain of Kenya is primarily savannas, mountains, and valleys. Typical for another beautiful country in East Africa. You can find many free-roaming lions, elephants, buffalos, and…

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Top 6 countries to volunteer in Africa


Making the move abroad to become a volunteer in Africa is an exciting idea – for the mutual benefit of supporting a good cause and growing as a person. Before you can start planning, you…

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You might have been thinking of volunteering somewhere in the world, but don’t know where to go yet. Would youΒ like to visit a place with great biodiversity; a place with unique wildlife? A country with…

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You might have been thinking of volunteering somewhere in Africa, but don’t know where to go yet. Would you like to visit a place with a great culture; and a country to live various adventures?…

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When planning to volunteer abroad there are almost endless possible destinations. So why volunteer in Uganda? When thinking about Uganda, the first things that come to mind are often beautiful Lake Victoria and the rare…

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Tanzania is a prime example for what most people expect when they think about Africa. The endless wilderness of the national parks with a vast variety of wild animals in their natural surroundings, the exotic…

Returning Meerkats to the wild


Working in a wildlife sanctuary in Africa is always an enrichment for the human as well as for the animal. But after a while there comes a time where the animals have to be returned…

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Looking for an unique opportunity to combine your passion for journeys with the chance to support meaningful work? As one of the friendliest countries in Africa, various social projects will definitely welcome your effort. Find…

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Are you thinking about doing something meaningful in your next holiday? Volunteer in South Africa! What makes the country particularly interesting for volunteering is the variety of areas you can volunteer in: Help organizations with…