The secret of successful volunteering in local communities

Frank Odoi speaks about his social project “Our Generation Voluntary Organization” in Ghana. International volunteers are always welcome at his project site.
Read about his opinion why an international understanding about a cross cultural exchange is so important for volunteerism.

How Volunteer World helps to create a “World Without Obstacles”

Many organizations all over the world are looking for international volunteers. “World Without Obstacles India” believes that volunteers and projects can make a difference by respecting each others cultures, traditions and beliefs. Read how Bharat Bhushan, the founder, thinks how Volunteer World changes the way of international volunteering.

The all time best way to support local communities

Local solutions to local conservation problems! AEI want so support local communities by supporting their proven successful local strategies. AEI understands that North American solutions only work in North American contexts and that responsible travel is about understanding, openness and respect.

With Love and Respect – How to Stand Up for Animal Rights

Animal Rights are an important subject in the context of international volunteering. A lot of elephants get abused and used for human needs. Instead of using force and abuse the “Elephant Freedom Project” treat them with respect and love. They educate visitors (local and foreign) by showing that there is a different way in which both elephants and dependant families can live in harmony.