How Volunteer World helps to create a “World Without Obstacles”

Many organizations all over the world are looking for international volunteers. "World Without Obstacles India" believes that volunteers and projects can make a difference by respecting each others cultures, traditions and beliefs. Read how Bharat Bhushan, the founder, thinks how Volunteer World changes the way of international volunteering.

Bharat Bhushan speaks about his project “World Without Obstacles India” and his experiences with Volunteer World. His vision is a world without obstacles. To connect people and communities around the world through education, health, environment and culture. With Volunteer World he finds motivated and engaged volunteers for his project.

You make a huge impact of your communities. How can volunteers be part of your sustainable goal to create a world without obstacles?

Well, if a volunteer work with us and start believing in our philosophy that is nurturing partnership around the world to transform and excel in area of education, health and culture and respect each other’s cultures, traditions and beliefs. Fostering an environment of trust, respect and fraternal harmony and working as a team and practicing a multidisciplinary approach.

She or he will become an integral part of our sustainable goal to create a world without obstacles.

Why is international volunteering an integral part of your social project?

International volunteering is an integral part of our work because we believe that there are many people in the world who know certain things better than us and if they could share their experiences and expertise with us it will be great help for our project and cause and it will also be a win win situation for both of us since we learn many new thing with each other.



What are your first impressions of Volunteer World? Do you think it will change the way of international volunteering?

Volunteer World is a great platform for both organization and volunteers as well, who is looking to work or volunteer for social project around the world.

I think Volunteer World will make big changes in international volunteering since it is very transparent and multi optional platform.

Your tip: Why would you recommend volunteers search volunteer programs on Volunteer World?

Well, as I said earlier that Volunteer World is a transparent and multi optional platform, also Volunteer World is working directly with local organizations in the countries where the programs are based. Volunteer World are able to keep volunteering fees low and ensure these go towards meaningful community projects.


World Without Obstacles:

Ourlogo-WWO-min vision is a world without obstacles: a world in which people can read & write, are physically and mentally healthy, live in a clean environment and respect each other cultures, traditions and beliefs. Our mission is to become a preeminent and impactful non-profit organization which transforms lives of people and communities around the world through education, health, environment and culture

Social Impact

To strengthen and improve English education. To improve access to education for underprivileged children by enabling mothers to earn tuition fees for their children by participating in a handcraft program. This is part of a women empowerment program of WWO for the rural community in and around Belsar/Gonda.[/infobox]

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You are interested and you want to apply for a volunteer program in India? Clickย hereย and apply now. ย World Without Obstacles India is waiting for your application!


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