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Volunteer in Asia: Our Top 6 Destinations


From ancient temples to vibrant markets, being a Volunteer in Asia offers a wide range of opportunities that combine adventure with meaningful experiences. In this article, we present our ranking of the most popular destinations…

Volunteer in India | The Ultimate Guide


Volunteering in India is an amazing experience. There are many different reasons for it. If you decide to volunteer in India to support a social project and their cause, you will be surprised by how…

How Volunteer World helps to create a “World Without Obstacles”


Many organizations all over the world are looking for international volunteers. “World Without Obstacles India” believes that volunteers and projects can make a difference by respecting each others cultures, traditions and beliefs. Read how Bharat Bhushan, the founder, thinks how Volunteer World changes the way of international volunteering.

Making handmade paper from elephant dung


Today, we focus on Vijendra Shekhawat, a well-known eco-business entrepreneur in India. His volunteer project in India “Traditional Paper” is making handmade papers from elephant dung. A real success story: Vijendra is telling us how he has discovered the way of making paper from sustainable products and how he wants to expand his social business.