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Experteering – Volunteering for Professionals


‘Experteering’ isn’t a new concept but it’s still something relatively unknown to many people. It may solve the problem of needing volunteers, who eventually don’t stay long enough to really learn the job that needs doing. Skilled professionals who volunteer short-term and take on tasks they are best suited for, can leave an astonishing impact on an NGO and make a real difference.

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Voluntourism – It’s not always as it seems


Voluntourism is an amazing phenomenon that can have bad circumstances. Rita Marques founder of ImpacTrip, talks about her personal experiences with voluntourism, the danger, but also the great potential of going out there and getting things done.

learnToThink51 How to motivate students as a volunteer teacher abroad

How to motivate students as a volunteer teacher abroad


Away from traditional teaching to critical thinking. Intelligence is not always about the ability to remember and repeat facts, but to understand how to apply skills to real life situation. Read how Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru (HOOP) supports eduaction and critical thinking.

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Volunteering – Making it Mutual


You think that volunteering might be a good thing to do? You’re right – it is a good thing to do, most of all for you – the volunteer. Read about the benefits of volunteering and why volunteers need to be prepared!

trip1 Pestering Parents   How to get your folks on board with your travel plans

Pestering Parents – How to get your folks on-board with your travel plans


Parents sometimes just don’t understand why we do what we do, why we fly to distant countries and volunteer our time for free. “Now is the time to focus on your career!” If this sounds all too familiar to you, then you should read this article about pestering parents and how to get your family on-board with your travel plans!

volunteers min 1024x500 min Tips and Tricks how to raise funds for a nonprofit organization

Tips and Tricks how to raise funds for a nonprofit organization


Fundraising is an integral part of volunteering because a lot of social projects depend on funds to cover their ongoing costs. Read how you can raise funds for non-profit organizations and how you can make a difference with your work and your motivation to help in any manner.