Volunteer in Animal Care | The Ultimate Guide


You’re interested in veterinary medicine, zoology or are you driven by your deep love for animals? How about combining your fascination with the opportunity to make a difference to those in need by becoming a volunteer in animal…

Zika Virus mosquito

Travelling in Zika Areas: Facts & Travel Advice


With the outbreak of the Zika virus in South America and its current spread, many people are concerned about the safety in these areas. This applies to people interested in traveling to and within areas at…

9 Traits of a Responsible Project


Going abroad to work as a volunteer is a big decision, and if you decide to take this step, you’ll want to make sure that the organisation you are travelling and working with, is a…

Why volunteer abroad

Why Volunteer Abroad? Top 10 Inspiring Reasons


So, why volunteer abroad? Volunteer work can be mutually beneficial. Even though helping projects and supporting their social causes, should have a special emphasis, volunteers can expect plenty of great personal benefits that can grow out of volunteering abroad!

How to Find the Right Time to Volunteer Abroad?


Does this sound like you: Job or studying, social life, commitments, hobbies and no time left in between? Living in a modern world, our schedules are filled to the brim. Despite all the good things we have, it seem impossible to actually do anything that matters to you. It’s not. In a brief summary, our volunteer veteran John explains how to start by understanding your existing commitments first.

Experteering – Volunteering for Professionals


‘Experteering’ isn’t a new concept but it’s still something relatively unknown to many people. It may solve the problem of needing volunteers, who eventually don’t stay long enough to really learn the job that needs doing. Skilled professionals who volunteer short-term and take on tasks they are best suited for, can leave an astonishing impact on an NGO and make a real difference.

Voluntourism – It’s not always as it seems


Voluntourism is an amazing phenomenon that can have bad circumstances. Rita Marques founder of ImpacTrip, talks about her personal experiences with voluntourism, the danger, but also the great potential of going out there and getting things done.