5 Volunteer Abroad Mega Trends you’ve never heard of [2020]

5 Volunteer 1 5 Volunteer Abroad Mega Trends youve never heard of [2020]

Digital detoxing 🧘‍♀️is all the rage, plastic is so not cool and DNA tourism 🧬 may just be the next big thing. At Volunteer World, we’re constantly following the latest tourism studies and discussing the future with other experts.

This allows us to gauge what’s hot and what’s not. Topics like

are staples in the volunteering landscape. But there’s no doubt that there’s a big shift going on. Continue reading to find out which 5 mega trends are bound to inspire your next volunteer experience.

Digital Detox and Yoga Retreats 🧘‍♀️

Do you feel like you’re glued to your phone? Do you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling on more often that you’d like to admit? As professional life increasingly overlaps private life, our digital devices are becoming an addiction that’s hard to overcome.

As a result, many of us are starting to turn to digital detox and yoga retreats because we’re desperate for a mental break. Focusing on something meaningful in a remote setting is the perfect opportunity to unplug, recalibrate and reconnect with your true values.

Volunteers, are you ready to ditch their devices for a while? Get ready to do some downward dogs and help out!

Off the Beaten Path 🛰

Everyone knows what it’s like to visit a country alongside busloads of other tourists. With more of us gaining the means to travel, touristic hotspots are becoming overcrowded. Tired of rubbing shoulders with other tourists, seasoned travelers are seeking experiences off the beaten path. There’s a desire for authenticity.

Volunteer programs are the perfect opportunity for travelers to walk their own path and discover more remote destinations. Volunteering allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture and contribute to something meaningful. We promise you an experience that tourists will never have.

The War Against Plastic ☠️

Climate change is on everyone’s minds these days. While battling climate change feels like an insurmountable task, more of us are jumping on the bandwagon to reduce single-use plastic and beach cleanups. Plastic is not only a serious threat to wildlife. We’ve all seen those ghastly images of innocent whales washed ashore but it’s also turning pristine beaches into garbage dumps.

Volunteer programs worldwide are setting up projects to fight the war on plastic. The growing desire to contribute is driving many of us to volunteer our their free time to reducing plastic on the beaches and in the sea. Armed with a garbage bag and slathered in sunscreen, more and more volunteers are flocking to the beach to clear it of plastic.

DNA Traveling 🧬

Tracing back your heritage used to be a daunting task requiring a lot of time and effort. There’s a solution now. And it just requires you to spit in a tube. DNA testing has made the task of retracing one’s roots easier than ever before. The (DNA tourism) trend has people flocking to their ancestral homes eager to reconnect with their heritage. This has been a blessing for less touristic destinations who are gladly welcoming these affluent travelers.

Volunteering is the perfect opportunity for DNA travelers to experience their roots in a mindful way.

Insta-Tourism 🤳

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has been transformational in the travel industry. Everyone has access to images of idyllic destinations and are determined to replicate them on their own Insta. This has turned into a nightmare for locals of touristic hotspots.

Though Instagram is partly responsible for the surge in tourism, it has its upsides too. Instagram has proven to be a great tool to increase awareness around volunteering and meaningful travel. With more people sharing their volunteer adventures, it is bound to inspire others to do the same. It’s the perfect content to share on your feed, after your digital detox ;).

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